Useful Tips For People Struggling With ADD And ADHD To Help Them Relieve Their Symptoms

These disorders make it difficult to focus, remember things, or stay on task for too long.  A common myth is that these disorders only affect children; in reality, many adults struggle with the symptoms of both conditions as well. The following article will provide you with a few tips to help relieve your symptoms if you have either disorder: eat healthily, find a medication that works for you or take breaks every once in a while to exercise. It’s always important to try different solutions until one sticks!


Useful Tips For People Struggling With ADD And ADHD To Help Them Relieve Their Symptoms


Proper Dieting

The most important aspect of dieting for people who suffer from ADD or ADHD is getting their blood sugar under control. As soon as you start feeling that “crash” coming on, try eating some nuts, fruit, cheese, or baby food (if applicable). Sugar level tends to be rather high among children with ADD/ADHD, one reason being that they eat far more snacks than other children.

Pay careful attention to the types of foods you’re consuming; fat-free popcorn can still pack on plenty of calories! Make sure what’s written on the label matches up to what’s actually in there so no sneaky ingredients like sugar, colors, and preservatives end up ruining the party.

Diet needs to be incorporated well with pharmaceutical treatment, especially if it includes nootropics. The best nootropics for ADHD or ADD primarily focus on stabilizing neurotransmitter levels for improved connectivity within the brain, improving neuronal health, and helping foster an overall healthy brain environment. It is easy to see why dietary optimization would be a top priority for those suffering from this debilitating disease as the brain is directly tied to the stomach and reacts to the chemicals in foods.

Release Your Anxiety

Getting physical exercise daily is an excellent way to release stress and anger. The problem with children with ADD/ADHD, however, is that they may not like exercising and might resist putting forth the effort (especially if it involves running or some other type of exercise that has them sprinting at high speeds). Exercise releases endorphins in your body which help alleviate anxiety and stress.

One thing you could do is try swimming; it’s more relaxing than energetic and will feel more soothing than strenuous. Perhaps try playing a few games of ping pong with the family or play catch in the backyard. This will allow your mind to relax and you’ll feel less inclined to be “worked up” over any small issue.


Useful Tips For People Struggling With ADD And ADHD To Help Them Relieve Their Symptoms


Medication is Key

If you’re currently taking medication for ADD/ADHD, you must keep taking them even if they do not seem like they are working as well as they used to (this typically happens after long-term usage begins). If it’s still working, make sure you consult with your doctor before trying any other medications.

Some people say that changing the dosage can help, but this has certainly not been proven true and could potentially cause an overdose! Try finding new creative activities such as drawing, painting, or sculpting to give yourself something fun to do with your time.

If you have been prescribed ADD/ADHD medication but do not feel as though the symptoms apply well to you, make sure to put your best foot forward and be open about it with your doctor. Your physician is doing their very best to help you and will try to determine if there is a better medication for you (or even no medication at all). Not everyone who has ADHD fits the same criteria; some people start having trouble concentrating around age 5 while others around age 10 or 15.


Useful Tips For People Struggling With ADD And ADHD To Help Them Relieve Their Symptoms


Taking Breaks

It’s understandable if you feel like you want to get things done in a certain amount of time, but try taking breaks every few minutes or so. It helps keep fatigued at bay and will make it easier for you to think clearly even though you may be tired. When people with ADD/ADHD are fatigued, they tend to be more irritable and agitated (in other words, having no patience).

This is not the only reason why breaks are important; taking some time away from whatever task you happen to be working on allows both your mind and body to clear themselves up and focus better later on!

And don’t worry, everyone around you needs to take a break from time to time as well. They won’t think any less of you for needing a little breather from time to time.

There is no one way to relieve symptoms of ADD and ADHD, which means it’s important for people who suffer from these disorders to experiment with different strategies. Hopefully, you’ve learned a few things in this article that will help you find relief when dealing with the challenges presented by ADD and ADHD.

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