Useful Tips On How To Maintain Your Artificial Grass And Keep It New

Many people don’t know that the upkeep on these surfaces can be done in much the same way as natural grass. We all want to maintain our green space and keep it looking fresh, so we will explore some ways you can do that with artificial grass! 



1. Remove Leaves And Debris On A Regular Basis

During certain times of the year, leaves and debris from nearby trees will coat your lawn. This is especially likely if you have a maple or oak tree in close proximity. It’s important to take time every second day or so to scoop up these items with a leaf blower or broom.

It’s important to clean your artificial grass because it helps to reduce the risk of bacteria or mold growth and it keeps your grass’s color looking bright and lush. If you don’t do this, you will run the risk of having your grass look faded and unappealing. 

2. Remove Pet Waste Immediately

Pet waste can do a lot of damage to your grass if left on the surface for too long. It’s important to remember to always scoop up your pet’s waste as soon as they go and dispose of it properly. Not only is this good for your lawn, but it’s also good for you and your pet.

If you leave pet waste on your grass you risk ruining your lawn because pet urine can sit on the surface and damage the grass fibers underneath. You can also use water to rinse off your lawn but the safest way to remove pet waste is to use a shovel, paper towel, or bag to pick it up. 


Useful Tips On How To Maintain Your Artificial Grass And Keep It New


3. Reduce The Amount Of Sun It Gets

Artificial grass doesn’t need quite as much sun as natural grass does. You can actually reduce your artificial lawn’s exposure to the sun by planting bushes around it or by attaching an overhang. This will help to keep your grass cooler and reduce the risk of it looking faded. It’s important to note that you should always follow your manufacturer’s care instructions when it comes to protecting your grass from the sun. 

4. Apply A Natural Weed Killer

You can stop weeds from sprouting up on your lawn by applying a natural weed killer once every month or two. This is best to do when the weather is dry and not too hot because it can make the chemicals less effective and more likely to harm your grass.

Try using an all-natural, biodegradable weed killer like neem oil to kill weeds quickly and effectively without harming your grass. You can also use vinegar, but be sure that it’s diluted by half with water before you spray it on your lawn. 

5. Brush The Grass Often

Brushing your grass is another important step in keeping it healthy. The best time to do this is once every couple of weeks or so, preferably after it has rained. You want to use a soft brush or broom and make sure that you are not pushing too hard on the surface.

When using an electric sweeper, be careful because if you push too hard or use it while the grass is dry, you could damage the fibers. Brushing your artificial lawn will help the grass to avoid becoming matted and keep it looking strong and fresh.


Useful Tips On How To Maintain Your Artificial Grass And Keep It New


6. Equipment You Will Need 

There are several pieces of equipment necessary for maintaining your lawn. You’ll need a hose first and foremost. If you live in an area where it rains frequently, this is less of a necessity, but it’s still useful for rinsing the grass whenever you want. For removing falling leaves before they become ground into the artificial turf, use a leaf blower or a lawn vacuum.

A rake can also assist keep grass fibers fresh and unmatted. However, avoid breaking metal bristles by using synthetic or plastic bristles instead. Besides this, you don’t need much more than what you’d find in your average household.

If you’re looking for a lawn option that can be maintained in much the same way as natural grass, artificial turf is an attractive and viable option. The upkeep on these surfaces can be done in much the same way as natural grass. This includes things like removing pet waste, keeping the grass cool, applying a weed killer, and brushing your lawn.

Apply these helpful tips to maintain your artificial turf and keep it looking new for years to come. We hope this article helped you with some useful and informative tips for maintaining your artificial lawn.

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