Veneer Teeth – How They Bring Back The Beauty of The Smile

Teeth are our business cards to society. That is why we want to show off radiant teeth with the best possible appearance, but with a simple procedure. A dental treatment that is currently in demand due to its speed and efficiency is veneer teeth.

Nowadays, all the dentistry fields use “the minimum invasion or aggression in any of the procedures.” With regard to aesthetic and restorative dentistry, solving tooth diseases such as caries or fractures is much simpler.

In addition, the veneer teeth procedure allows the patient to actively participate in the design, does not require provisional veneers, and is completed in two appointments. If you’re looking to get veneers, visit this Dentist In Edgewater.

Thanks to the previous phase of the digital study, the dentist collects information about your physiognomy to schedule a full treatment.

Keep reading to get insights into types of veneer teeth, dental veneers cost, facts, and more.


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Veneer teeth

Dental veneers are a type of dental treatment that is used in patients who need to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smiles. It consists of placing an acrylic cover on the tooth that imitates its appearance. For this, the tone, brightness, size, and curvature of the tooth are studied to ensure that it fits with the rest of the pieces and looks as natural as possible.

This aesthetic procedure can be carried out on all teeth or on any dental piece, depending on the needs of each patient. Normally, it is done in the anterior front that goes from the canine on one side to the canine on the other side, which is the visible part when smiling. These are the main types of veneer teeth.


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Types of veneers

  • Resin veneers

Resin veneers, or composite veneers, offer great resistance as it is a very hard material. Its preparation is done layer by layer after obtaining the desired colour in order to achieve a uniform and natural-looking colouration.

Their main advantage is the balance between aesthetics and resistance, which makes them ideal for people who do physical activities or contact sports.


veneer teeth porcelain veneers, composite veneers, veneers price


  • Ceramic or porcelain veneers

Porcelain teeth have a very natural and highly aesthetic appearance, although they are more brittle than resin veneers.

  • Snap-on veneers

These teeth are removable and are designed to improve the smile appearance. They are often preferred because they can be pulled out when the time comes. Snap-on veneers look pretty natural, but unfortunately, they can’t fix tougher dental issues that compromise dental health.


Things you should know before getting veneer teeth

Porcelain or composite veneers are the maximum benchmarks of minimal invasion. They are a fashionable treatment because, thanks to them, not only Hollywood actors and actresses but also a slew of patients can show off authentic movie smiles.

Today many laboratories, due to their great advances and improved techniques, can make very thin veneer teeth, in highly aesthetic ceramics, with different shapes and colours, which allow placing them while keeping your teeth intact. They thus achieve that this treatment is completely reversible and painless. The resistance of these thin ceramic laminates against fractures is acquired at the moment they are glued to the tooth since the ceramic-adhesive-tooth laminate will function as a single structure.

The number of appointments and the procedure for making and placing veneer teeth varies according to the number of veneers that are going to be set and the changes that need to be done for a beautiful smile. If it is one or a couple of composite veneers, two appointments will be needed (if the case is not complex): one to prepare them and another one for revision.


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The number of citations is relative, since the complexity of the case may require, for example, a longer design phase or modifications in the final work. Similarly, in most cases, anesthesia is not required.

An advantage of composite veneers is that only one session is needed to place them. Specialists prefer to use porcelain to make simple corrections or to make modifications for young people since porcelain treatment is recommended for the time the person has completely grown. For this reason, this material is used in patients 18 years of age or older.


Application of veneer teeth

Aesthetic veneers cover the real tooth, but they do not solve the problem, they camouflage it. As it is a sheet that is placed on the outside of the tooth, it can only be used in some cases in which aesthetic conditions are not very complicated.

These highly aesthetic teeth with digital planning are thin sheets that adhere to the front of the tooth, improving aspects such as alignment, tone, or shape.

The current method is a less invasive treatment, with more natural results, and that can be previously visualized, facilitating possible adjustments. Small fractures can also be overlapped with this type of treatment, giving the tooth a very natural appearance.

Sometimes not all the teeth are the same size, so to solve this, veneer teeth can be placed on the smallest ones, thus equalizing the entire denture.

There are also people whose teeth are too short, so when they smile, their gums are much more visible than their teeth. This problem would also be solved with aesthetic veneers.


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Over the years, and due to the intake of soft drinks, tea, coffee, medications, or tobacco consumption, the tooth enamel can wear down and show a dirty and discolored appearance, something that can be hidden behind the veneers.

The most common use of this treatment is to achieve a white smile, avoiding the sensitivity that can occur if the patient undergoes tooth whitening.

Veneer teeth price

The price of resin veneers is usually cheaper, between 150-200 euros each. Although sometimes complete coverage of the entire exposed face is not necessary, so the veneers price could be lower. As for the porcelain veneers cost, it is somewhat higher. Each veneer can cost around 600 euros.


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Final thoughts

One thing everyone should know is that the natural color of teeth varies from person to person, and the bright white in advertisements is not the normal shade. Some people may have it, although, like bones, the enamel wears down and the color of the teeth changes over the years.

As we said at the beginning of this article, veneers are a simple, economical, and very effective solution to solve problems such as coloration or minor fractures.

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