Wall Paint Designs – Tips to Choosing the Right One

Choosing wall paint designs may seem like a simple task, but combining colors with the right furniture decor can be very challenging. The wall paint design is one of the most important decisions while decorating a home, especially if it is a small house.

Not sure whether to choose a single light color or a wall color combination? White is a great color for interiors. There’s a well-known reason: white gives a feeling of space to houses with reduced environments. But there are other colors for interiors that work very well, such as light and pastel colors.

We have prepared this complete informative guide to teach you how to achieve the right combination. Write down these tips and make sure you pick the right one from among the different wall paint designs.


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Decorative Areca Palm near Color Wall


The type of room

The room is a factor that can help you choose the best color to paint your walls. For example, painting a studio or a bedroom is dissimilar to painting a kitchen and a living room.

Although there are no color rules for each space, it is important to take into account their nature. In a bathroom, colors that provide a sense of calm and cleanliness are often the favorite ones. In a living room, you can experiment with a color accent on a wall to enhance an element, while in a studio, it is best to use a stimulating color such as deep green or mustard.


wall colour combination, wall texture design
Home studio

Type of paint

In the same way that there are paints for exteriors, there are paints for exteriors and interiors recommended for different types of spaces. You can opt for lead-free paint, which has great performance and cladding capacities. Lead-free paint is easy to apply to rooms and halls and makes remodeling and decoration easier and faster.

There is also a wide range of water-based paints ideal for kitchens and bathrooms due to their anticorrosive protection and high resistance to humidity. Unlike most water-based enamels, these products have a pleasant aroma similar to vanilla, making painting an even more pleasant activity.


wall paint designs wall painting ideas
Exterior paint



The paint finish can be subtle but must add a significant touch to walls. If you are torn between matte and satin paint, just look at the wall texture design.

If the wall is completely smooth, a satin paint may be the best choice, while a matte paint can hide imperfections, but it all depends on the style you want to add to your spaces.


wall paint designs wall painting ideas


Personal style

Each to their own. The decorating trend you lean towards can help you choose the best color for your home. For example, if you like spaces that are not so ornate, you may like minimalism or the Nordic style with cold and light colors.

If you are big on vintage, more intense colors like green, pink, and orange can create a mixture of wall paint designs.


wall colour combination, wall texture design



The furniture pieces go hand in hand with all wall paint designs, as they can lead you to the most appropriate décor type. Bookcases, coffee tables, and lamps are elements that must harmonize and complement wall paint designs.

For example, if you want a painting or piece of furniture to stand out, you can experiment with an accent color on the wall it is on. If it is a large space with few pieces of furniture and you want that clean atmosphere, subdued tones will be the best option.


wall paint designs wall painting ideas


The ceiling

Traditionally, the ceiling is painted in neutral tones or white, but if you add color to it, it can give a greater personality to the room, living room, and studio.

If you choose the same color for the wall and ceiling, you make the dimensions of the space look indefinite, which will also make it appear larger if the tone is not intense.


wall colour combination, wall texture design


Apps for picking wall paint designs

With these applications, you will discover how wall paint designs will look in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and other home environments. This technology allows you to combine color shades and try light and dark tones to give the decoration a perfect touch. Keep reading to find out:


Project Color (iOS, Android)

You get inspired by the color according to the mood you want to achieve. It has three functionality views and options to combine and find the color.

By using the Smartphone or tablet, you can focus the camera on the target and have a preview of what wall paint designs look like. If you are an interior designer, you may be interested in seeing how the color will be seen from different angles. With this app, you can also send your wall painting ideas to your clients and family members.


Try On Colors (iOS, Android, and PC)

Choose from over 1,500 paint colors you can virtually apply by uploading a photo of your room. You get the first view in “More Scenes” and then the option to choose between the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and exteriors. Once you’ve clicked on the option, select day or night to see the color effects according to lighting.


Home Harmony (Android)

Having a varied palette of colors from different paint manufacturers is an advantage that this application offers you. You can visualize the color tone of the painting based on the lighting, which is one of the most important decoration points as per interior design experts.


ColorSmart (iOS, Android)

It has more than 2,500 paint colors that you can easily apply to the walls. Plus, if you like a color that you found in a house or store, take a picture of it and the application will choose the best color hues.

ColorSmart allows you to share your favorite color choices for your wall paint designs on social media as well.


Colorjive (web browser)

If you are looking for the easiest way to visualize the painting on the walls, this application can help a lot. To use it, upload an image of the interior room, choose the colors and the magic brush (brush icon) and paint. For now, this software only works with any web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, but it is not available for mobile phones yet.



All things considered, going for the wall paint designs should be easier, simple, and fast. You can get more wall paint designs on Pinterest and Instagram. This is a practical way to get a clue of the results you are looking for.

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