Wall TV Installation: Step-by-Step Guide to TV Mounting

Do you live in Los Angeles? Are you planning to install your TV yourself, or would you instead engage a professional tv mounting service in Los Angeles to do it for you? This guide can help you understand the fundamentals of mounting a television, as well as how to install a television on various wall materials and the tools you’ll need. You’ll learn some fundamental installation techniques and gain the confidence you need to mount your TV to almost any wall surface with this Installation Guide. We’ve included details on different types of walls as well as the tools you’ll need to execute a professional job on your own without professional tv installation in Los Angeles!


Select an appropriate location

Choose the optimal viewing location for the TV before starting the installation. Consider where you’ll be seated and the arrangement of your space to ensure that you’ll have the best viewing experience no matter where you’re watching TV.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Look behind the wall for any wires or piping that might be hidden.
  2. Ascertain that the amount of light entering the room does not produce excessive glare.
  3. Ascertain that the equipment will be properly ventilated.
  4. Find the Studs

The majority of wood studs are 16 inches apart, “dissimilar. To find the wood studs, place the Stud Finder flat against the wall, move it slowly until it beeps or the display lights up, and then draw vertical lines to mark the stud positions.

If you can’t find a Stud Finder, you can check for studs by knocking on the wall until you hear a hollow sound.


TV Mounting


Installation of the wall plate on the studs

To verify the TV Wall Plate is level, place it against the stud locations you just marked and use the bubble level to check it is level. Choose the stud locations that best match the holes on the mounting bracket. To ensure that the TV mount is securely secured, each stud should match up with two of the Wall Plate holes.

Pick a drill bit that matches the bolts included with your mount and mark the holes for drilling.

A typical wood bit is required for wood studs. A regular carbide-tipped drill bit is required for metal studs. You can always ask at your local hardware store if you’re unsure.

Drill holes in the places you’ve already marked. Ascertain that the drill is inserted into the wood stud (2 “Wood fragments should be present behind the surface if you inspect the material departing the hole as you drill.

Using a screwdriver or nut driver, push the bolts into the wall. Before fully tightening all of the screws, check that the wall plate is still level by pulling them halfway.


TV Mounting


TV brackets should be attached to the TV

Locate the holes on the back of the TV and line them up with each bracket before screwing them in place. You must go through a procedure of selecting the suitable screws that match the screw locations on the back of your TV due to the varied sizes of mounting holes on different TVs. For such a procedure, consult the instructions.

Using the mounted wall mount, hang the TV

The TV bracket will usually have hooks on it so you can quickly attach it to the wall mount. Carefully lift the TV and place it on the wall mount.

To ensure that the TV is securely placed, double-check that all of the screws are tightened.

Check that the mounted television is level and in the proper position. If not, unscrew some of the screws and carefully move the TV or mount to a level position with the help of another person.

After all these steps, you can be proud of yourself because you did it without tv mounting service.

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