Want To Dream What You Want? Here Are Ways To Have Better Control Over Your Dreams

Wanting to dream what you want is everyone’s wish, being the operative of your dreams, and having control over your fantasies is something exceptional, but can be done with some practice. Everything is possible if you try and practice, you can walk on the clouds, travel with your mind to a world of your creation, hold the hand of someone you love, but no longer exists, believe it or not, you can do it.

Ever heard of lucid dreaming; it is a phenomenon of being conscious while dreaming. People who practice lucid dreaming are able to conquer their fears, discover themselves in new ways, and experience joyful adventures. Most people experience lucid dreaming once or twice in their lives, but to be able to transform this phenomenon into a constant habit when dreaming is an art that requires practice to be applied naturally, only a few are able to preserve it. Read through our article for ways to have better control over your dreams.

lkjk Control Over Your Dreams


Make Your Bedroom Welcoming To Dreaming

There’s a cycle for everything in life, this also applies to dreaming. In general, dreaming occurs in the second half of your sleep during REM (rapid eye movement). To guarantee as much REM as possible, you need to have restful and calm sleep, this process is better associated with emotional adjustments, better focus abilities, and improved memory.

Having a bedtime routine enhances your chances of getting a goodnight’s sleep. Keep your room dark and quiet, set the room temperature to be a little bit cool. Take a hot relaxing bath and follow good sleep hygiene, you need to be disconnected from electronics for a while before getting into bed. Bedtime meditation helps your brain to rest from buzzing thoughts, it increases the melatonin hormone that promotes restful sleep and releases stress. Many helpful bed routine techniques will help you sleep and promote REM.


Want To Dream What You Want? Here Are Ways To Have Better Control Over Your Dreams


Have Control Over Your Dream

Being able to explore our dreams and inner world and having control over them is a magical act that takes you beyond fascination, giving you an exceptional flavor of enjoyment. Some people were able to train themselves to stop their nightmares from occurring or recurring or at least be able to stop them from developing a sense of fear and helplessness. Lucid dreams can be therapeutic, it can help someone by giving them control over themselves or their dream during a nightmare.

By practice, you can dream what you want, even have a sex dream or go skydiving if you wish. This is provoked through different practices before sleep, like getting yourself naked before getting into bed or sleeping in a certain position. Train your mind to think about what you want to dream about, prepare your mind and engage it in the thoughts you wish for in your dream.

Register Your Dreams

Keeping a diary or a journal of your dreams helps in practicing lucid dreams. The moment you wake up from a dream, write down what you dreamt about. If you can’t put it into words, record it on your mobile as a voice memo. There are other alternatives to keep track of your dreams’ details, you can download an app to do so, those apps are very useful and easy to use. They allow you to search for dream meanings through signs, symbols, and characters.

Keeping journals of your dreams allows you to navigate them while you’re in a conscious state. You get a better chance to observe and analyze the settings, places, and people in your dream and have better control over some elements and aspects of the story. Once it reoccurs, you can apply the changes that best satisfy you. This process will help you recognize the signs and provide insights into themes and situations that your inner self finds pleasant and enjoyable.


Want To Dream What You Want? Here Are Ways To Have Better Control Over Your Dreams


Brainwave Audio

A great way for meditation, which evokes lucid dreams, is listening to brainwave entertainment audio while lying in bed. It is a technique used to change the brain frequency to one that is associated with a corresponding state of mind that you want to persuade.

Lucid dreams produce gamma brain activity, which is similar to the frequencies produced through binaural beats. Those brainwave audios or binaural beats can be found in many apps of relaxing melodies. Meditating melodies have different frequencies, some frequencies are highly connected to nature inducing healing potentials; purifying our souls, minds, and environment.

Lucid Dreams Can Be Adventurous and Fun

Since you get to create whatever you wish for in your dreams through this amazing practice, you may transform your dream into some sort of virtual reality. Like a video game adventure, a lucid dreamer can interact with people, things, or even animals that exist only in their world and state of mind.

Having superpowers is one thing we all fantasize about and wish to have; you can be a superhero with some extraordinary superpowers, fighting demons and evil souls and making the world a better place. It helps you believe in yourself by representing feelings of confidence and empowerment of unusual abilities. Experiencing some sort of strength in your dreams can help you adapt and deal with personal challenges, breaking boundaries that keep you from achieving what you always wanted in life.

How Can Lucid Dreams Help In Problem-Solving

Using techniques such as visualizing a certain problem before going to bed and trying to focus on finding a solution actually works. Free your mind from any other distractions and focus only on finding a solution. Think of your problem as an image, give it a symbol for visual representation.

Dreams capitalize imagery and make us look deep into them in an attempt to find a solution and force our brains to practice critical thinking. A subconscious mind is a powerful tool that can think out of the box, and it is naturally induced. 


opk Control Over Your Dreams


Dreams reflect the human brain’s powers, which have no limits and boundaries. The mind is the creator and the master, and it can be trained to have control over anything, including your dreams. Being conscious while dreaming and realizing that you are in the middle of a dream might seem impossible, but you might’ve experienced it once or twice in your life.

Knowing the techniques to do so has many benefits in overcoming problems and fears in your conscious world. Some people practice lucid dreams to fantasize about certain things in life, seeking adventure and fun.


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