Want To Live More Sustainably? Move To A Master Planned Community

Making your home more sustainable is a step in the right direction to making climate change a thing of the past. However, it does take everybody doing the right thing together which is a big feat when it is done individually. 

When they say it takes a village that can be interpreted to also mean that it takes the will of entire communities to move forward in a sustainable way. Joining a master-planned community is a great way to collectively take a stand against climate change by diminishing your carbon footprint.

In this article, we will go over how these types of communities could be the way of the future and provide a great way to join the fight for a cleaner planet. 


Less impact on the terrain

When you look into master-planned communities like these house and land packages Deanside has for sale, then you’ll notice that they all try to use the natural terrain as it is without disrupting it too much. Rather than the traditional developments that raze the landscape to the ground and then build, these try to utilize the terrain and build around the nuances.

This preserves the natural habitats of the local fauna and has a minimal impact on the environment from a microclimate point of view. It can allow migrating birds to continue to use the area, or to preserve the local habitat for native species and keep the balance intact in the area. 

Part of this is to also minimize using a lot of building material to prevent things like drought or even floods from occurring. A big problem in a lot of suburban developments that are built-in semi-rural areas is how the paving disrupts the natural ecosystem. Water is moved away from the area as it can drain into the soil. This creates landslide risks and also can impact the local waterways with runoff. 


Want To Live More Sustainably? Move To A Master Planned Community


Thoughtful energy consumption

Light pollution is something that impacts a lot of suburban areas and can have an impact on the local wildlife. Not only that but it disrupts people’s mental wellbeing to have too much light outside. A master-planned community will work to make sure that the public lighting has less of an impact while still providing the safety needed when out at night. They use a lot less energy as a result. 

And houses are built and furnished using the latest in energy-saving appliances to minimize how much energy is used by the community as a whole. Buildings with modern materials that keep heat in and cold out are a major factor in how much energy the residents conserve. Lastly, the way the buildings are positioned also helps as they can utilize the sun to heat the buildings passively. 

Less waste

When the community comes together to make sure that less waste gets put into landfills then this can have a major impact on the local landscape and water systems. Recycling is enforced and separated to make the processing much easier and more effective. 

A lot of material from the construction of the homes is also repurposed and taken out of the system so there is less strain on the recycling efforts. 

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