What 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need to Have in 2020

At the turn of this century, there are new kitchen gadgets and equipment that your kitchen space needs, not only because they lighten the workload, but also because, honestly, they are beautiful! So why not get several pieces to spruce up your cooking space and enhance your overall experience?

In addition, some of these kitchen gadgets and tools will help to improve your cooking skills, eat healthier, or generally cook more. However, finding the upgrades you need might be a little stressful, since a wide selection varies in pricing and functionality.


What 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need to Have in 2020


There are numerous advantages to upgrading your kitchen gadgets, such as simplifying the clean-up process, making meal preparation fast and easy. In general, it helps cutting-back on the time you spend in the kitchen. To be honest, food prep hacks are basically useless if you’re not using the right tools. There is no formula for determining the best kitchen gadgets, so simply look into functionality, price, and your need to have them.


Understanding Kitchen Gadgets and their Uses

Currently, there are numerous tools that can multi-serve, thus reducing the overall expenses and the junk in the drawers. Also, a lot of them are electronic, making them faster and more efficient. Now let’s get to it. What’s new among the kitchen gadgets you should get?

1. Mandoline Slicer

Can we all agree that one of the major frustrations in meal prep is striving for perfection? There is a certain pressure that comes when slicing, julienning, cubing, or cutting, professionally or not, and we somehow tend to think it will interfere with the outcome. Honestly speaking, the overall appearance depends heavily on this stage, especially for salads or stews.

However, there is no need to fret now, and all you will need is a mandoline slicer. This equipment allows you to achieve perfectly symmetrical pieces of food hassle-free. More so, the user can easily adjust the blade edges to the preferred style. Create a variation in the thickness of your produce by changing the blades. This setting allows for flexibility and limitless experimentation.

2. Electronic Measuring Spoon

First things first, nobody wants to ruin a perfect meal by over-pouring something or putting in lesser ingredients, so get the numbers spot-on. But how do you do that?

It is high time people agree that the standard measuring spoons are outdated, which is generally the character flaw of tools and equipment. It’s not wrong to have a set lying in a drawer somewhere, but is there time to find the correct one while putting together a meal? Why should anyone have to use six different spoons for single meal prep? Isn’t that frustrating, overbearing, and unnecessary? Why not get an electronic measuring spoon to serve them all?

For starters, the double spoon allows weighing from 0.5g to 500g for dry ingredients, while liquid measurements can vary from 5ml to 25ml. The LCD screen is large enough to allow easy reading, while the hanging-hole feature allows for convenient storage.

3. Thermometer

Don’t you just hate it when you dip something in oil or water, and it fails to fizzle and bubble? Not only does it take away the joy of cooking, but it’s a sure sign that your cooking is going down the drain. People are willing to overlook many culinary shortcomings, but undercooked food is definitely not on that list. Save yourself from petty embarrassments and get a cooking thermometer.

At the moment, most kitchen thermometers can be used as timers or to keep a record of minimum and maximum readings. The type you settle for will depend on the level of involvement in the kitchen.

4. A Mixer

Every day is arm day for people who don’t have an electric mixer in their kitchen. The ultimate goal is to find kitchen gadgets to make life easier. A mixer delivers effortless, efficient, and quick performance in a single package.

In addition, most mixers will come with numerous attachments, thus increasing their versatility in meal preparation. It means that a mixer can be used to mash potatoes, whip eggs, make the pastry, or shred cooked meat.

5. A Colander

This is one of the most important points of the list of kitchen gadgets must-haves 2020, just in case you don’t own a piece. Technically speaking, a colander is the backbone of any food-making procedure. Washing fruits or vegetables? Get the colander. Do you need to drain the pasta? Yes, you guessed it.

Most of the colanders nowadays have a better grip to avoid slippage, while some come with legs to make them free-standing and easy to use. As earlier mentioned, it is a good idea to know kitchen gadgets and their uses so as to maximize functionality and efficiency.

Getting Organized

To ensure that your equipment works with maximum functionality and for a decent timeframe, ensure they are properly cleaned after use, stored appropriately, and used for the right purpose. Learning how to organize kitchen gadgets makes your space decent, safe, and appealing.

Tips on Getting It Together

  • Pot Racks

Hanging your cooking ware along the wall will save on a lot of cabinet space, making it eye-catching at the same time.

  •   How About a Plate Rack?

This is a stylish way of displaying your plates while keeping your space organized and easy to use.

  •   Tuck Away the Smaller Equipment

It’s easy to collect a lot of kitchen gadgets under $5, especially the multipurpose ones. However, they can quickly crowd your space and make it hard to work. Putting them away in drawers will help declutter and organize your space.

Conclusion: The point is, upgrading your kitchen gadgets is essential in boosting versatility and your cooking experience. It’s also a way of enhancing safety since contemporary kitchenware is insulated and dishwasher-proof.

Author’s bio: Nelle Rodriguez takes pleasure in increasing productivity through recreating spaces and reinventing the looks. With chic flair, expertise, and years of blogging experience, she has just the magic touch to transform any space.

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