What Are Electric Showers and Are They Worth It?

Electricity and water don’t mix, right? Wrong! Not when it comes to the new breed of bathroom fitting on the market – electric showers. There are a few important things we want from a shower, such as predictably hot water, low costs, and good water pressure. Electric showers tick these boxes and more.

If you’ve been wondering whether to make the switch to an electric shower, read on for some quick facts to help you decide.


Hot Water On Tap, Every Time

We all know what it’s like to be at the end of the shower queue when there’s no hot water left in the water heater’s tank. An electric shower doesn’t rely on a water heater for hot water but heats water straight from the cold water inlet. This means that nobody has to endure a cold shower again. There’s no waiting for water to heat up, and it will never run out in the middle of your shower.

Energy Efficient Electric Showers Lower Power Bills

There’s a big buzz about energy efficiency these days. Homeowners are looking at all their options to reduce consumption and lower their power bills. An old-style water heater maintains a constant temperature throughout the day and draws on power to do so. An electric shower only draws power when someone is using the shower making it a cost-efficient option to warm water.

Increases Pressure for Low-Pressure Showers

Electric showers heat water directly from the cold water pipes, via a storage tank in the ceiling. As the water is stored above, gravity creates an increased pressure as the faucet is turned on. Low-pressure circuits that affect the hot water feed are bypassed when using an electric shower. In most cases, this is enough to improve the pressure of your shower water.

Replacing or Upgrading? Simple!

When the time comes to upgrade or replace your electric shower, it is a simple operation as the heating unit is located on the wall surface and not hidden inside the wall. Get an electrician near you to come and do the electrical work to ensure that the final product is safely installed. Your first electrical shower installation can take approximately 2-4 hours.

Choose Your Settings Once

Most electrical showers have temperature settings that only need to be set once unless you choose to change the temperature. Some cheap electric showers may have to be set every time, but the upmarket varieties come with personalized user settings and digital displays. Some electric showers have a rotary dial, while others start at the push of a button.

Is an Electric Shower Right for You?

If you find that there’s always someone in your household lining up for a cold shower, or you’d like to lower your power bill, an electric shower may be the solution for you. Make sure you choose one that has all the features you most need, and start experiencing the benefits of an electric shower.

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