What Are Graduation Announcements Supposed to Say?

What are graduation announcements supposed to say? It’s important to consider the audience. If you’re graduating from college, you should be addressing your announcement to a more formal audience than your high school classmates. Whether you’re graduating from college or high school, be sure to include your parents’ names, a photo, and a ‘thank you’ note. There are also many other things to keep in mind, like the number of recipients and the type of message you’ll want to convey.


College graduation announcements are more formal than high school graduation announcements

A graduate’s name and school should be included in a college graduation announcement. Students should also include a photo. Fonts should be legible and colors should not clash. Regardless of what style you choose, don’t forget to address the envelope with blue or black ink. Both styles of graduation announcements are equally appropriate and can be customized to suit your needs. A college graduation announcement can be very formal, while a high school one is more informal.

While sending a college graduation announcement is much more formal than a high school announcement, it should still be formal enough to send to close family members and friends. This includes family members you don’t see every day, especially if you’re not living in the same town. It’s important to include extended family, tutors, classmates, and other key figures in your graduate’s life.

You should include your parents’ names

When you send out your graduation announcements, make sure to include your parents’ names. Of course, your friends and family may already be aware of your big news, but others may not be as well acquainted with your accomplishment. Sending out announcements to those outside of your immediate family will spread the excitement and can be a great networking tool.

In addition to your name and the name of your school, make sure to include your parents’ names. You can either include them in a formal or informal way. Then, write your address in pencil on the back of the envelope. Make sure that you leave space for the return address on the envelope flap. You can use a ruler to ensure that the lines are straight and legible. You should also write your parents’ names on the outside of the envelope.

You should include a photo

Graduation announcements and invitations feature a graduation picture. To design graduation announcements with a photo, create a rectangle to cover the right or left side of the card. Below are a few common layouts. In order to resize a photo, drag it into the rectangle or right-click it and select fit frame proportionally. In InDesign, these two commands are separate.

When sending graduation announcements, always remember to include the grad’s name and school. In a formal announcement, use their first name, and if it’s an informal one, a nickname or other designation. You should also include their parents’ names, so they can see how proud they are of their graduates. A note card can also include a quote or a verse. Despite the importance of the photo in a graduation announcement, it’s still a nice gesture to include it.

Whether your graduation is in the past or the present, the graduation announcements make a great keepsake. Graduation announcements are an opportunity to celebrate a significant achievement and network with other graduates. Choosing a professional photographer to capture your student’s photo will make the announcements a keepsake. They can be displayed on the fridge or kept in photo albums, making them a special keepsake.

You should include a thank you note

Many people do not realize how important it is to send a ‘thank you’ note with their graduation announcements. Graduation announcements are an important way to let people know about a significant change in your life. The fact that you didn’t send a ‘thank you’ note when you graduated four years ago might seem like a bother, but it isn’t. You can still send the note expressing your gratitude and even include some special words, like a favorite quote or saying. And be sure to include your last name so people know who to send a message.

There is also an etiquette myth that requires you to send a gift with graduation announcements. While you don’t need to give the announcer a gift, it is always appreciated. Even if you aren’t sending a gift, a card with congratulations will go a long way. Using a ‘thank you’ note to accompany your graduation announcements can make the process more personal and sincere for the recipient.


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