What are Merv 8 Filters?

The Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) lets people know the efficiency of their air filters is working at their minimum level. MERV ratings are essential because it helps to compare between different filters so you can pick the best one that will get rid of the pollutants in the air you want to get rid of from your home or office. While all filters are not created equal, each has a certain level of airspace particulates they are designed to capture.

MERV 8 filters are popular because they are one of the few filters that clear out a lot of unwanted pollutants from your home or office. https://filterking.com/air-filter/merv-8 recommends these filters if you are trying to get rid of dust or mold in your home or office building.

To understand why MERV 8 filters are so popular, we need to compare the other filters to MERV 8 and learn how MERV ratings work.


MERV Ratings

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers created the MERV ratings to update their filter testing standards. MERV ratings are based on how well an air filter captures common airborne pollutants within certain size ranges.

There are 16 MERV ratings, and the higher the number is, the more efficient the air filter is. So a MERV rating of 16 would be better than a MERV rating of 1. Twelve size ranges of pollutants have been tested to determine the ratings, ranging from 0.3 micrometers to 10 micrometers. The filters are tested upstream and downstream, where the twelve size ranges are tested in six intervals with a clean filter to begin with, then the filters are tested for dust.

To determine the efficiency of the air filter, the particles that go into the test duct will be tested before they go into the test duct and after as well. Based on what is evaluated, a MERV rating will be established.

What are Merv 8 Filters?

Various MERV Filters

To understand why MERV 8 filters are so popular, it is essential to know what the different MERV ratings help eliminate pollutants.

MERV 13 to 16 helps control airborne bacteria, tobacco smoke, and pollutants from sneezing. These filters work great for smoking lounges, surgery suits, and commercial buildings since so many people frequent them, and the contaminants that these filters control are primarily in these types of spaces.

MERV 9 10 12 helps control humidifier dust, lead dust, emissions from vehicles, and fumes from welding. These filters are great for residences with excellent HVAC systems, hospital labs, automotive centers, and manufacturer and commercial buildings.

MERV 5 to 8 filters help control mold, hair spray, and dust. These filters are great for commercial buildings, standard residences, and paint booths. MERV 8 filters have 90% efficiency on particles ranging from 3 to 10 micrometers.

MERV 1 to 4 filters help control larger particles like sanding dust, dust from spray paint, and lint and carpet particles. These filters are good in residences (although not ideal) and window air conditioning units.

As you can see, MERV 8 filters are great filters if you are looking for a filter that will get rid of most pollutants that bother people in their homes. They are also cheaper filters but are still effective and more accessible to service than some higher numbered rated filters. They can last anywhere from three months to a whole year in a standard home. Plus, MERV 8 filters have been the primary filter used in American homes since the 1970s and help control pollutants that affect asthma and allergies.

Keeping your home’s air as clean as possible is helpful towards creating minor illnesses. When you have the right air filter, it can help eliminate many pollutants that make us sick or affect our respiratory systems, like dust and mold. You should do your best to keep the air in your home clean so that you and your loved ones are kept safe from breathing in potentially harmful bacteria or pollutants, causing people in your home to get sick or maybe even have to go to the hospital.

In order to properly get rid of contaminants and create a healthier environment in your home, it is necessary to have the best air filters. MERV 8 filters will help fight back against harmful pollutants and keep them out of your system.

Be sure to do your part to keep a clean home and keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy for years to come.

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