What Are the Benefits of Getting a Vaginal Rejuvenation?

If there is one topic that is guaranteed to be discussed on the hush, it’s vaginal rejuvenation.

We all remember taking a look at ourselves “down there” for the first time and wondering if that’s what it’s supposed to look like. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and we all want to feel comfortable with ours. If that means getting a little help from this trending treatment, honey, there’s no shame in your game.

Luckily, there are many vaginal cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve the look and feel that you desire for your vagina.

Keep reading to learn how vaginal rejuvenation can benefit you.


What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation? 

This term is used for many types of vaginal cosmetic restoration procedures. These treatments are corrective measures to restore the vagina after childbirth or due to aging.

Many different procedures can help with the functioning of your vagina or improve its aesthetic appearance. Injections and creams can improve your orgasm. Additionally, surgeries and laser treatments can help tighten the vaginal muscles and enhance the appearance of your labia.

Some women have had pelvic organs slip out into prolapse and create a large protrusion in the vaginal area. This often leads women to opt for one of these procedures.

However, some women undergo cosmetic vaginal treatment to obtain the societal standard of aesthetic vaginas.


What Are the Benefits of Getting a Vaginal Rejuvenation?


Conditions That May Require Vaginal Rejuvenation 

Certain conditions can create discomfort and uneasiness around the look of your vagina. You may feel insecure with a partner or you may just not feel quite like yourself.

If you experience any of these conditions, you may want to consider a vaginal treatment.


After childbirth, the walls of the vagina are likely to lose tone and tightness. Naturally, the more children you bear, the more likely it is that the walls of your vagina just won’t hold up in the same way.

Additionally, the aging process will affect your vagina. You may lose muscle strength and control in your vagina.


The loss of vaginal lubrication is a natural process with age. It can make intercourse painful, and create tears in the vaginal walls.

Some procedures can help with this vaginal dryness. It is possible to repair the tissue, create optimal health for your vagina, and increase satisfaction during intimacy.

Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence can be embarrassing and, well, stressful. This is when urine is lost unintentionally due to pressure on the bladder. It can happen when you cough, laugh, sneezes, or exercise.

Any abdominal pressure can cause you to leak urine. This is also a result of aging and loss of elasticity.

There are vaginal treatments that can help stimulate collagen production and increase vaginal strength to avoid leaking urine.

Exterior Aesthetic 

The appearance of the vagina is not only affected by aging and childbirth, it is natural to have sagging, discoloration, and a longer labia.

Certain procedures can “trim” the length of the labia or even out disproportionate labia lengths. This will give your vagina a more youthful and supple appearance.

Types of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery  

There are a variety of vaginal reconstructive procedures that vary from less to more invasive. These are generally more popular for postpartum and postmenopausal women.


There is a thin tissue in the opening of your vagina, known as the hymen. It normally “breaks” when you engage in sexual intercourse for the first time.

Through cosmetic surgery, the hymen can be reconstructed. Of course, it will only emulate the original.


Labiaplasty is performed to modify the length of the inner or outer labia. Simply put, it “trims” down your labia to give it a more “tucked in” look.

It is normal for the labia to be asymmetrical and sometimes longer than you’d like. Labiaplasty is usually performed on the labia minora – the lips closer to your clitoris. They are also performed on the labia majora to make the lips aesthetically pleasing.

Some call this a “designer vagina”.

Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

Losing tone and tightness in the vagina is a naturally occurring process in older age and after giving birth.

NuFemme’s FemTouch vaginal laser rejuvenation can give your vagina the treatment it needs to have you feeling back to yourself. This procedure helps enhance the muscle tone in your vagina, using laser rejuvenation to tighten and strengthen the vaginal walls.

This vaginal treatment is safe, comfortable, and quicker than you think. It doesn’t require anesthesia, and many women see results within 3 sessions.


What Are the Benefits of Getting a Vaginal Rejuvenation?


Risks to Consider 

As with all cosmetic procedures, there are potential risks to consider before you decide on a treatment. The possible risks of vaginal cosmetic surgery include:

  • Infections in the reproductive system
  • Changes in pleasurable sensations
  • Persistent pain
  • Scarring
  • Damaging of the tissue around the genitalia

Women entering menopause are at a greater risk of these conditions post-procedure. As women get older and produce less estrogen, tissues in the labia and clitoris thin out naturally. Vaginal cosmetic restoration may create too much tightening in thinned-out tissue, leading to pain and tears during intercourse.

Leveling Up Your Lady Bits

As women, coping with changes to our bodies can be difficult. With so many beauty treatments to enhance our appearance, it’s no doubt that vaginal rejuvenation is a trending treatment that is here to stay.

You deserve to look and feel your best, and your vagina is no exception.

If you found this article useful, keep coming back for the latest tips and trends on all things health and beauty!



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