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What are the Best Types of Storage Beds?

Storage beds are beds with concealed compartments for additional storage in your bedroom. These beds are suitable for storing extra linens, cushions, and other decorations that don’t necessarily need to be on display. Only an informed decision for the right bed with storage will ensure you keep your home tidy and clutter-free. Read further so we can discuss some of the best types of storage beds available.


Types of storage beds:

1. Beds for divans:

These kinds of storage beds consist of a divan base and mattress. Because the divan base is exactly the same size as the mattresses, you will have access to a depth of room in your bedroom without compromising on the space.


Divan beds come with a variety of different storage solutions to meet your every requirement. With a divan bed, you may select whether you would like 1, 2, 3, or maybe even 4 drawers or you can opt for ottoman storage to provide ease of access.

2. Ottoman Storage beds:

These types of beds are elegantly constructed bed frames with concealed storage beneath the mattress. Ottoman bed frames are a fantastic storage option for both medium and larger bedrooms. The mattress can be lifted simply with ease due to the helping hand of the gas-lift hydraulics. Ottoman storage beds can be purchased in all sizes and designs including a double bed with storage or if you have the space a king-size bed with storage.

Additionally, there is no need for extra space beside the bed. Whilst the gas-lift hydraulics operate, the ottoman bed remains open while retrieving storage items – till you’re ready to close it again!

3. Drawer-based bed frames:

Bed frames with drawers are appropriate if you just want a fashionable bed frame without sacrificing storage capacity. Storage beds with drawers can be made in a variety of different styles, from fabric beds to solid wooden bed frames.

Drawers that can be configured on either side of the bed provide straightforward and easy-to-use storage. If you happen to have a room where you only have access to one side of the bed then do not worry. Drawer beds can be configured to match your every requirement.

4. Storage that is hidden:

One of the great reasons to have beds with storage is that all the items beneath the bed are hidden out of sight beneath your mattress. It’s a brilliant option for things that you don’t intend to use frequently, like seasonal items or outdated apparel. If you need to use anything from beneath, simply lift the mattress and have a look to see what’s underneath.

5. Headboard drawers or shelves:

Headboard shelves and compartments are perfect for items you need regular access to and part of your daily routine. Whether it’s your phone left on a charge through the night or your morning skincare routine, headboard shelves would be the perfect option for you.

One thing to take note of is that anything that is kept on the shelves is there in plain sight, so we would recommend only placing suitable items inside. You could even use your headboard drawers to place books, candles, or even that morning alarm clock!

6. Single Cabin Beds with storage: 

Cabin beds with storage are the perfect beds for children and are ideal for providing more storage space in your child’s bedroom. The bed base is elevated slightly to give various storage drawers, shelves, and cabinets to help keep your child’s room as neat as possible. Whether it’s the toys, the artwork, or their revision guides, these types of beds are perfect to store all this away.

7. Sleigh beds with storage:

One of the most popular storage bed designs is the sleigh bed with storage. The beautiful headboard is featured with traditional chesterfield upholstery and the headboard and footboard curve so elegantly. The sleigh bed with storage is ideal for the contemporary home and can be matched easily with all your favorite decor.


Investing in beds with storage will help you make the most out of the capacity of your bedroom. Hugo & Sons provides excellent choices of beds if you live in a smaller house and need to maximize every square inch of storage space available. When looking for storage beds, analyze your requirements first and choose the bed that best suits you.


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