What Are the Common Causes of a Cluttered House?

Did you know clutter can cause stress? If you want to learn what causes clutter in a home, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over ways people build mess and tips on getting rid of clutter. You can clear up your cluttered house in no time.

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You Don’t Have Storage

If you don’t have storage space for a particular item, it will get left out and add clutter to your home. You might end up putting it on any open surface in your home.

First, find a home for items you own. Make sure you know where everything goes. If you don’t have a spot, pick a storage space, or create a container for these items.

Poor Habits at Home

Some people will come home after work and drop everything they brought into the house on the floor. Others will drape things on the back of a chair or a table.

Try to make a new habit of hanging up your coat after work. Put your purse or bag away, and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Make sure you do this every day. Encourage your family members to get into the same habit as well.


Causes of a Cluttered House


Return Items

Another reason why clutter fills a home is when people don’t put items back where they belong.

Once you finish a task, clean up. For example, if you decide to bake cookies one night, make sure you put the ingredients away. You should clean the dishes as well.

Don’t leave items lying around. Put things back into their rightful place. A larger home will have more opportunities for clutter.

A lot of people don’t want to go all the way upstairs to return an item. Make sure you have a basket for the different floors. This way, you can place things into the basket.

By the end of the day, bring your basket to the right floor and put items away.

You Have Too Many Things

People will always struggle with clutter if they own too many items. Organizing and moving things into storage units won’t change the clutter.

If you notice your closets or shelves are too full, you won’t have an overflow space. Clothes will fall on the floor or the back of a chair. You won’t have the energy to put the items away.

Cluttered bookshelves and units won’t look neat but instead cluttered. You might rearrange and organize them, but they will still look too full.

Consider setting aside a day to donate items. Go through things you own, and put them in boxes for donations.

You could move through your books, clothing, and kitchen supplies. Learn more about where to donate books.

Now You Know How People Get a Cluttered House

We hope this guide on how people end up with a cluttered house was helpful.

Now that you know why clutter builds up in a home make sure you donate extra items. Try to put things back after using them. You should also get into the habit of hanging up your coat and cleaning up after yourself.

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