What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Styles That Exist Today?

On average, women spend 18,499.2 hours in the bathroom during their lifetime. And contrary to popular belief, men actually spend a little more. The average man spends 20,539.2 hours in the shower, shaving, and brushing his teeth.

So if you’re spending this much time in your bathroom, shouldn’t you feel comfortable?

You may not think of bathroom designs often. So take a seat and let’s explore the different types of bathroom styles that exist today.



Some people may call furniture-style vanities and claw foot tubs fancy. But those are two elements of a traditional bathroom design. The subtle color of a traditional bathroom makes it easy to notice its classic style.

Most master bathrooms allow ample space for a traditional style bathroom. They give you space to splurge on everything from upgraded floors to high-end countertops. But you can also achieve a traditional look in a modest guest bathroom.

Fixtures make a big difference in curating the best bathroom design. Click for more information on choosing the right faucet for your bathroom.


Traditional bathroom makeover with sage panelled walls and monochrome statement tiles Types of Bathroom Styles

Image credit: David Giles



Modern bathrooms offer a more simple design with clean, straight lines. But they feature materials like stone, porcelain, and marble. And modern bathrooms have a neutral color palette with pops of color.

The definition of “modern” may differ depending on who you ask. But for the most part, modern bathrooms have a look of luxury highlighting unique architecture.

In most modern bathrooms you’ll find a large soaking tub and separate shower. And for those who like a little privacy, a water closet is standard in modern bathrooms today. If your bathroom has high ceilings and archways, you can add a dramatic hanging light fixture too.


Screenshot 2021 10 01 at 10.22.27 Types of Bathroom StylesImage credit: Nicole Gulerat/ Andrea West Design



The best bathroom styles add conveniences like touch-free faucets and digital shower controls. Those are only a few of the things you’ll find in a contemporary bathroom. You’ll also enjoy the hardwood floors and brushed nickel or stainless steel accents.

Contemporary bathrooms include current features like floating vanities and a freestanding bathtub. And the colors in a contemporary bathroom make a statement. Everything from patterned floor tiles to a striking black and white color scheme.



The rustic look of a farmhouse bathroom isn’t for everyone. But the millwork and beautiful sliding barn doors provide undeniable charm. And you can design a farmhouse bathroom with some modern touches too.

A natural wood shaker-style vanity is common in farmhouse bathrooms. And to complement your barn door, add a few barn lights above your vanity mirrors. Because of its simplicity, farmhouse design is perfect for small- to medium-sized bathrooms.


If you have a creative design style, go for a transitional bathroom. It’s a mix of traditional and contemporary elements without too much of either.

You’ll find subway tile, a glass shower enclosure, and shaker-style cabinetry in a transitional bathroom. And a mix of pendant lights, wall sconces, and a chandelier showcases the beautiful decor. To top it off you’ll see granite, quartz, or even marble countertops.

You can opt for a soft color palette in a transitional bathroom. But earth tones and bold blue hues make a statement too.

What Are Your Favorite Types of Bathroom Styles?

Now you’re more likely to discern styles of residential bathrooms. The various types of bathroom styles leave room for you to get creative. Try one of these or create your own unique bathroom design.

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