What Are the Different Types of Decking Materials That Are Used Today?

Since the pandemic hit, 90 percent of Americans have been spending more time in their outdoor spaces. Thus, it isn’t surprising that many homeowners decide to spruce up their decks, porches, patios, and yards.

Are you considering building an outdoor deck? If so, you’ll need to learn about the different decking materials from which you can choose. In this post, we’ll help you do just that, so follow along!


Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is one of the most common types of decking materials. It is cost-effective and works for all deck surfaces, including built-in seating and rails. Moreover, you can treat it with chemicals to withstand weather damage or insect infestations.

The downside to pressure-treated wood is that you need to power-wash it and stain it over the years as it ages. So, if you don’t want to deal with upkeep, this isn’t the material for you.


What Are the Different Types of Decking Materials That Are Used Today?


Redwood or Cedar Decking

Cedar deck boards and redwood are attractive materials for your deck design. Both of these woods are stronger than pressure-treated wood, and they are free from the harsh chemicals it contains.

Moreover, these materials may not be as expensive as you expect, depending on where you live. Yet, if you aren’t experienced with construction, you may want to hire the best deck builder in your area to help you out, as softwoods can be tricky building materials.

Exotic Woods 

If you want to increase your home appraisal value, exotic woods are an excellent option. These beautiful woods have natural knots and streaks, creating a pleasant design. Moreover, they are durable, which means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your decking any time soon!

Of course, if you need to import the wood, it isn’t the quickest or most environmentally friendly option. And, because it is so dense, it can be difficult to penetrate exotic wood with screws.

Modified Wood

If you don’t want to deal with maintaining regular wood, modified wood is a good choice. It is softwood treated with a liquid that strengthens it and makes it more durable. Moreover, it is naturally resistant to mildew, rotting, and insect damage.

The only trouble you may have is finding it in your area, as it is not as widely available as other types of decking.


What Are the Different Types of Decking Materials That Are Used Today?


Composite Decking

Are you searching for an environmentally friendly option? If so, these pre-made boards may be the right decking for your home! They consist of a wood and plastic blend that is created from recycled materials.

Due to the mix of materials, they resemble wood but require much less maintenance. All you need to do is wash it from time to time!

Vinyl or Plastic Decking

If you don’t care for wood, vinyl and plastic are the best deck materials for you! They are also some of the easiest materials to use if your deck is a DIY project. Plus, they come in many different colors, which allows you to customize your outdoor space.

Find the Right Decking Materials and Get to Work

There are so many different decking materials that you can use to create a beautiful outdoor space. Yet, hopefully, after reading this post, you were able to narrow down your selection. And, if you still aren’t sure, be sure to contact a builder in your area who can help you make the right choice!

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