What Are the Different Types of Flooring Options That Are Used Today?

The flooring industry in the United States will grow by 6.1% per year.

As more people need homes, more people need to remodel and more people will invest in flooring. Knowing what types of flooring options you have available to you can help you make an informed choice. You want good flooring for your home and modern options make that easier than ever.

So let’s take a look at what types of flooring options are in use today.


 What Are the Different Types of Flooring Options That Are Used Today?


1. Carpet

It should come as no surprise that carpet covers many residential floors. Carpets are loved by homeowners because they can bring in warmth, making a space or room inviting and cozy. They can also be beautiful, with versatile options in color and pattern.

Carpets do lose a few points for durability however, they don’t like moisture or spills and stain.

2. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can make some of the most beautiful, best floors. The luster of real wood is hard to match, as long as it is kept clean and clear of dirt and grime. The popularity of hardwood continues to grow as people love the openness and beauty it brings to their homes.

Hardwood is expensive, and isn’t the most durable flooring option, as it can become scratched and dented.


What Are the Different Types of Flooring Options That Are Used Today?


3. Ceramic Tile

Tile floors remain popular in the flooring industry because of their durability and look. For bathrooms and kitchens, tile floors are often favored in commercial settings, and at homes that expect a lot of accidents, spills, or contaminants. Tile floors are customizable but have fewer options than other flooring types.

Ceramic tile floors can be expensive, and if they aren’t maintained they will become an eyesore in short order.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate is one type of flooring that continues to grow because it gives a cheaper, more durable alternative to hardwood floors. If you want the beauty of hardwood but don’t want the questionable harvesting practices and durability issues, laminate is for you. Laminate floors have been saving the smart homeowner money for a long time.

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5. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl combines some advantages of various types of flooring options. It can be beautiful if luxury vinyl is not out of the budget. It is durable, though wears out over time faster than hardwood floors, laminate, or tile.

Vinyl is a flooring option that has a lot of ups and downs but is a solid choice if you’re budget-conscious.


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Types of Flooring Options 

There are other types of flooring options in use, but these five represent the largest chunk of the flooring industry. One of these flooring choices will work for any home and in any situation, just choose the one that works best for you. That way you can be pleased with your home and your floors.

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