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What Are the Different Types of Portable Bathrooms That Exist Today?

Ever since 2016, the portable toilet industry has been growing. There could be many reasons for this. A portable restroom is often used on a construction site, at events, and more. But traditional “porta potties,” the standalone plastic compartments with a hole for “doing your business,” are what we typically think of.

But portable toilets comprise more than just the typical “porta potty.” If you plan on renting a portable toilet, did you know there are different types of toilets to choose from? Over the years, this industry has expanded to offer more options for different purposes.

Here are the different portable bathrooms that you can rent.


Porta Potty

Let’s cover the most iconic portable bathroom option first — the porta potty. These are the bathrooms you often see at various events. These are the most common option because they’re affordable. If you’re wondering, “how much does it cost to rent a porta potty,” then there are many porta potty and pricing options.

Most porta potties have a standard “toilet” where you do your business. Some may or may not flush. However, more porta potties are offering urinals. Some even come with coat/purse hangers, mirrors, toilet paper rolls, various shelves, and handwashing/sanitizer dispensers.

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are an eco-friendly option to traditional toilets. They take your waste and turn it into a dirt-like form without the use of water. The “dirt” can then be reused for yards and flower gardens (just don’t use it on food gardens). While not all compositing toilets are portable, you can find some composting toilets meant for portability.

Chamber Pot

Chamber pots are old-school toilets that are literally a pot that people sit on when they “have to go.” They usually include a thunderbox, which is a lid you place over the pot. Since chamber pots don’t contain water and don’t flush, you’ll usually find them outside of the home. They can often be portable, but some aren’t.

Cassette Toilets

Cassette toilets are portable toilets that include a removable waste tank. These are most commonly used when camping or on any long road trip. To clean out the waste, you simply take out the waste tank and dump it into an RV waste station. Cassette toilets are easy to maneuver, thanks to rolling wheels and carrying handles.

Luxury Trailer Potties

Luxury trailer bathrooms are often called the best portable bathroom for a reason. These loos are the link between a typical bathroom and a porta potty. This portable bathroom is more like a traditional room since they have stalls, a handwashing station, and running water.

They’re also cleaner and generally more comfortable than a typical porta potty. Some even offer central air, full-sized mirrors, large countertops, lighting, and even a stereo system.

Like a porta potty, these are completely portable. They’re often situated on a cart that you can easily transport.


There Are So Many Portable Bathrooms

Portable bathrooms are integral for both home and business use, but you mainly find them at events and construction projects. If you need a portable bathroom rental, these are your most common options.

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