What Are the Different Types of Refrigerators That Exist Today?

When the first fridges hit the market, people were grateful for the basic ability to keep perishables.

Today, buying a residential refrigerator is more complicated.

As welcome as the many options are, so many types of refrigerators make it easy to get overwhelmed. Wandering a store or browsing countless models online is stressful and takes forever.

Don’t endure the struggle. Be a smart homeowner and read this nifty article instead.


Side-By-Side Refrigerators

Unless you’re the most organized person on Earth, you know the frustration of approaching the fridge with no clue what to eat. You might spend several minutes opening the fridge, opening the freezer, opening the fridge again…and so on, as you weigh your options.

If your freezer is on the top or bottom of your fridge, comparing is inconvenient. A side-by-side or French door refrigerator solves the issue by sitting the fridge and freezer next to one another. It’s easy to open both and view all the possibilities at once, making this variety the best refrigerator for indecisive types.

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Perhaps the most classic, basic kind of refrigerator is the top-freezer variety. They’re often the least expensive option because they’re so popular.

However, some feel the freezer compartment is too small for their needs. Short adults and kids find them inconvenient as well.

Refrigerators With Freezer Bottom Drawers

There are a couple of common reasons homeowners seek fridges with freezer drawers. Some find filling and unloading freezers easier when they don’t have to dig through a compartment five feet off the ground. Others prefer the look of a refrigerator with a drawer at the bottom to one with a door at the top.

Freezer drawers often come with pre-installed boxes and compartments that make organization easier. Some use a single door for the refrigerator compartment while others have French doors above the freezer.

Water Dispensing Refrigerators

Water dispensers used to be a novelty but are now ever-popular and affordable for most families. You’ll find them on fridges ranging from household names like GE to high-end brands like Viking. All styles of fridges feature them.

These days, some stores don’t carry refrigerators without water dispensers. It’s a downside for buyers hoping to avoid filter replacement costs.

For everyone else, getting a drink without worrying about contaminants in unfiltered water or even opening the fridge is a beloved convenience.

Smart Refrigerators

Everything’s “smart” these days, and refrigerators are no different. Internet-connected fridges become more popular and less expensive each year. Common features include panels showing what’s inside the fridge, digital temperature control, and the ability to store grocery lists on the built-in computer.

In theory, any fridge style could come with this technology. For whatever reason, you’re most likely to find computer screens on fridges with French doors.


What Are the Different Types of Refrigerators That Exist Today?


More About Types of Refrigerators and Other Life Essentials

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