What Are the Main Types of Doors for Your Home?

Are you looking to remodel or sell your home? One thing you might not think about is your front door. Doors can make a big difference when trying to impress your guests or potential buyers. Check out our guide to learn about the different types of doors you can use in your home!

Door Materials

The materials you need will be different for different kinds of doors. Exterior doors must be strong enough to keep out the elements, so keep that in mind when choosing a door for your home!

Wood is the classic style for traditional external doors, but they’re not the only option. Fiberglass doors are great for their durability, and they are easy to maintain. Glass doors can function as windows, too, and help you bring more light into your home.

Door replacement services can help you with door installation and with choosing the right materials for the job.

Types of Doors

Most doors function either with hinges, on a pivot, or on a sliding rail. Let’s examine these different kinds of doors.

  • Hinged

Hinged doors are the standard type of door for most homes. These ones swing on a hinge either inward or outward.

Dutch doors are a special type of door that has a split top half and the bottom half on their own hinges. That way, you can open the top half of the door for air while keeping the bottom half closed.

French doors have two doors that open together outward or inward on opposite hinges, leaving a clear view without any hinges or frames in the middle.

  • Folding and Pivot

Folding doors such as bifold doors use extra hinges in the middle of the door to keep it compact when you open it. These are great for patios and other areas where you want to open up your space.

Pivot doors have the door pivot on a point instead of swinging open on a hinge, and can be a stylish, modern addition to your home.

  • Sliding

Sliding doors are doors that slide either along a rail or within a frame. Sliding glass doors are great for your patio space or to lead to your backyard.

Pocket doors are sliding doors for the interior of your home. The door hides away in a “pocket” in the wall when it is open. Barn doors slide on a rail suspended above the door.

Styles of Doors

Once you choose what type of door you’d like, you can vary the style of the door itself as well.

Paneled doors are the most common kind, and have panels in different patterns. Some panels are all wood, whereas some have glass panels at the top.

Solid or flush doors look flat against the wall without any panels for a more sleek look. Battened and ledged doors are made from many planks ‘battened’ together for a more rustic look.

Do You Want To Install New Windows And Doors? 

You can replace and upgrade your old windows and doors to make your home more inviting. Whether you prefer a modern or a classic look, you can choose from the main types of doors above. 

Windows have many types, too, such as bay, casement, egress, awning, single-hung, and double-hung windows. 

A casement window is swung out and is usually made of solid glass for a less obstructed view. Egress windows are large window installments that can be opened fully, making them a necessity as an emergency escape route for emergencies.  

If you’re looking for a perfect window for your living room, bay windows are an excellent option for better indoor ventilation, aesthetic appeal, and more natural light indoors.  Single-hung windows are the most affordable and common type of windows that open vertically. On the other hand, double-hung windows are the most common replacement windows due to their efficiency, safety, and ease of maintenance. 

Installation of replacement windows and doors needs professional help. While you probably can replace an old window or door, hiring a professional installer guarantees proper installation to avoid costly repairs.  

A professional can also provide expert advice on the best type of windows and doors suitable for the home theme you desire. Choose a reputable installer with the relevant experience and the right credentials to do the job. This can guarantee you excellent services and quality of output. Keep in mind to choose an insured and licensed installer or contractor.  

Choosing a Door for Your Home

While there are many types of doors out there, the right one for your home is the one that fits your preferences and the layout of your space. Installing doors on your own can be a pain, so be sure to hire a professional when it’s time to upgrade!

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