What Does A Boiler Service Include – Boiler Service Checklist

A boiler service is important for ensuring that both the central heating system and boiler are running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The service typically takes less than one hour, though this may depend on an appliance. During a service, a professional Gas Safe engineer follows a comprehensive boiler service checklist for making sure that everything has been checked and there are no issues for you to worry about. If you are curious about what a boiler service includes and why you should opt for it, keep on reading to find out.


Boiler Service Checklist


What Does A Boiler Service Include – Boiler Service Checklist:


1. Visual Inspection

During a visual inspection, an engineer visually inspects a boiler, adjusts and cleans the components as necessary, looks for the signs of any damage, and identifies the signs of distress that are instantly visible.

2. Control And Operation

The boiler comes with numerous controls and safety devices that are going to be tested for a correct operation. The engineer will also check that every boiler function is working correctly and efficiently.

3. Combustion And Flue Releases

The engineer checks construction, termination as well as route of a flue (pipe from the boiler to an outside of the house). By doing this, the engineer can be sure that there are not any obstructions in flue terminals and that a flue is safely fitted.

4. Clean All The Main Boiler Components

During the boiler service, an engineer removes, cleans, and inspects each main component in a boiler for ensuring that they do not have any noticeable defects and are fit for purpose. This includes the main burner, flue ways, ignition pins, and heat exchanger.

5. A Variety Of All Kinds Of Checks

During the boiler service checklist inspection, you can expect many tests to tick off, including:

  • The pilot burner as well as any probes and cables
  • High-limit thermostat
  • Making sure that the flame sense device operates correctly
  • Flue effectiveness
  • Boiler operation
  • Heating controls
  • Provision of the adequate ventilation
  • Electrical wiring connections
  • Gas and pressure flow
  • Seals
  • Safety devices
  • Location of a boiler and combustible materials

6. Conduct A Record

The engineer undertakes a variety of tests and checks to make a record of each. That also includes a record of a boiler pressure or the heat input. As a homeowner, you can keep this information for any future inspections or whenever problems arise.

7. Ensure A Boiler Is Fully Ready To Use

Finally, at the end of the boiler service, an engineer always ensures that a boiler is working properly. Any settings or controls which were altered during a service will be either left so that the customer may easily adjust settings themselves, or they will be put back to a customer’s settings.


Are You In Need Of The Boiler Service?

In case your answer is going to be yes to the following, even if you answer yes to just one or a few of them, you should consider booking a boiler service:

  • A flame in a boiler is irregular
  • There are smoke marks or new stains on an appliance or nearby
  • The pilot light frequently goes out
  • A boiler refills regularly or overheats
  • A boiler flame is yellow
  • Water pressure drops
  • It’s been approximately a year or even more since the last boiler service


Boiler Service Checklist


Why The Boiler Service Is Important

1. Safety

During the boiler service, the engineer can identify safety problems, such as the carbon monoxide leak, which is the colorless and odorless gas capable of causing brain damage and even death in some extreme cases.

2. Prevent Breakdowns

You might prefer to put off getting the boiler serviced so that you can save yourself some money, however, in the long run, the boiler service and maintenance can help in keeping your energy bills down as well as spotting a potential fault ahead of time, which can save you from the boiler breakdown and the need for an emergency plumber and big repair bill.

3. Warranty

The boiler usually includes the manufacturer’s warranty of between one-fifteen years, meaning any faults which develop during that time are going to be repaired free of charge.

But if your boiler is out of warranty, old and you’re in desperate need of hot water, then you may need an emergency boiler replacement, which can be more expensive than average.”


Bottom Line

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons you should consider getting your boiler serviced. It can be a great way to avoid any serious issues while making sure that a boiler keeps working smoothly and efficiently.

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