What Happens If the Furnace is Not Cleaned?

Many homeowners maintain a proper schedule for cleaning their homes but forget to care for the furnace. The furnace’s job is to heat your home. The process of heating the furnace takes in a lot of dust, dirt, and other debris.

Once the furnace is dirty, harmful detritus gets into the house with air circulation. This can cause different health problems like colds, allergies, asthma, breathing disorders, and other health issues. The air quality decreases once the furnace is uncleaned, thereby affecting the performance of the furnace. Want to know what happens if the furnace is not cleaned? Read on!


Poor Indoor Air Quality

When your furnace is not maintained properly, the air filters become clogged with debris, dust, and so on. This produces nasty air, which can be harmful to you as it circulates the house.

Have you ever noticed dust as soon as you turn on the furnace? This is because it is dusty and dirty. It also causes sudden sickness every time you breathe it in when it is dusty. Practice furnace maintenance by cleaning or changing air filters to avoid the risk involved.

Temperature Variance

This is a common problem that is usually not noticed easily. The temperature in the house fluctuates when the furnace is not cleaned. Some people may be cold, while others may be wearing a sweater.

Also, the productivity of workers can sometimes be reduced or slowed due to the temperature in the building. Customers may be impacted as well if you own a business and the temperature of the location is affected. This can reduce the flow of money as customers decrease.

The temperature variance happens when the blower motor in your furnace is not moving enough air because it is being hindered by detritus. You can either call an expert for an inspection or clean the furnace to avoid such problems.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The furnace helps to remove poisonous gases and send them outside of your home. This is the critical role of your furnace as it heats each exchanger. The temperature in your furnace changes in a cycle as the heat exchangers expand and contract.

Carbon monoxide is not noticed quickly because it is odorless and colorless but colorless, very dangerous. There can be cracks in the heat exchangers that allow this poisonous gas to leak into the building. However, this can be avoided by checking the furnace regularly or at least calling an expert for an inspection once every year.

Break Down

The furnace can last for more than 15–20 years if it is properly maintained. Once wear and tear are neglected, parts of the furnace may fail. Once dust or dirt builds up on the furnace and airflow is obstructed, moisture can also grow and cause some parts to rust. This can completely damage the system and lead to a breakdown. You may end up paying for repairs or even getting a new one.


Regular cleaning and changing of air filters should be done to avoid the problems listed above. In addition, contact professionals who specialize in cleaning and maintaining furnaces. This will not only help in maintaining the furnace but also give you quality health as you breathe in clean air. Finally, make sure you get an expert with an affordable furnace maintenance price. Reach out to Ventilo Exp’Air to help out.


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