What is a Medico-Legal Assessment?

Medico-Legal assessment is done in case the patient or the family suspects something is wrong. You should consult a lawyer in case you are involved in the situation of an accident, injuries, legal action, or damages. They will review the accident, and check whether the accident was caused by the other party or not. To this, they will take your observations, your memory of events, your explanations, and your statements, to come to a conclusion about what happened.

They may make a report to the Insurance company, or to the court, or may even decide that it’s a minor accident. The idea behind this is to know what is legal and what is not. If you do not want to make a report to the insurance company, you can ask the lawyer to assess and investigate on your behalf. They will only take part in the procedure if the other party is from the insurance company.


How does medico-legal assessment work?

First, you will have to answer the questions asked by the lawyer. This process should be done before any investigations are carried out. The questions will be related to the accident, to your injuries and the injuries of the other party, the medical bills, the medical bills that will be payable in the future, the insurance company, how many times the accident has been investigated, the environment where the accident took place, and other relevant information.

After that, the lawyer will take you through a procedure. The procedures may include asking you questions, observing you, listening to your answers, and checking all your medical reports. The idea of a medico legal assessment is to give you an overview of what happened and make an assessment of whether the other party was liable for your injury.

As you can see, a medico-legal assessment is not an easy procedure. You will need to answer a lot of questions, as well as make observations, memories, and statements. This means that you will need the help of a lawyer. However, before you make a complaint to the lawyer, you have to sit through the procedure first, and make sure that you were not at fault for the accident that are the types of medico-legal assessment?

Now that you know more about the procedure of a medico-legal assessment, we can talk about the types of medico-legal assessment. In each case, there is a different procedure.

  • Medico-legal investigation: When a driver or an occupant fails to check his/her surroundings before turning a wheel, this is called a medico-legal investigation. The purpose of this investigation is to find out whether the accident was caused by an error, by human mistake, or by the other party.
  • Medico-legal examination: As the name suggests, this is a check to see if you were at fault for the accident. The problem with this kind of examination is that it’s quite difficult to pinpoint the fault. For example, if you were drunk, or in an accident, while riding your motorcycle, it’s hard to say whether that was the fault of you or your vehicle. The examination will determine the fault of the person who caused the accident, and not the victim, who is the one in the wrong in this case.
  • Medico-legal report: It’s the main type of report that you will need to give to the police, insurance company, and to court. This type of report is given to the injured party. This report will include your statements, observations, explanations, and analyses. 

Rates of complaints

It’s important to note that the reason why a medico-legal assessment can take a long time is that the lawyer will have to call a lot of expert witness in order to analyze the accident. The lawyers also have to analyze the evidence that was found at the accident site.


It is very important to know how much a medico-legal assessment is going to cost before you hire a lawyer. Depending on the lawyer, he or she can charge a percentage of the compensation, a percentage of the lawsuit or lawsuit of injury, or any other fee that they might want. The contract for the job of the lawyer is made before you hire one. Before hiring a lawyer, you can read the contract, and make sure that you are not overpaying.


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