What Options Are Available for Building a Wheelchair Ramp?

Over 2.5 million Americans use wheelchairs every day to help them get around. Without the aid of an assistive device, these folks may otherwise be homebound or immobile. Freedom is a basic human right and is something every person should have access to.

That’s why it’s so important to build or buy a wheelchair ramp for your home. A ramp provides an easy and safe entry and exit point for wheelchair users. Keep reading to learn all you need to know before building a wheelchair ramp.


To Build or Not to Build

There are two ways you can outfit your home with a wheelchair ramp.

The first way, and by far the easiest for the homeowner, is to have one made for you. Research local wheelchair ramp building companies to see what services they offer. We recommend reaching out to several different businesses to gather quotes before choosing which to hire.

The next way is to build the ramp yourself. If you’re not handy with a hand saw or power drill, we don’t recommend going this route. The last thing you want is a dangerous ramp that’s a safety hazard.

Both outsourcing the ramp construction and DIY’ing it have their pros and cons.

The professionals know what to do to make the ramp both safe and easy to roll up and down. They may also provide different material options that you might not have access to as a DIY’er. The downfall is that it will be much pricier to hire someone to build it.

Doing it yourself will be a much cheaper alternative. You need to know how to build a wheelchair ramp to make one that’s safe, though. You should also research local building codes to determine if you need to get a permit to add a ramp to your home.


What Options Are Available for Building a Wheelchair Ramp?


Consider Your Budget

A wheelchair ramp can be very pricy but it’s a worthwhile investment for the freedom you get in return.

The average wheelchair ramp cost will vary depending on several factors.

You can keep prices down easier if you’re choosing to build one yourself. If time isn’t of the essence, you can take a few days or weekends to complete your ramp project. Most DIY’ers choose to use wood as it’s the cheapest ramp material.

When you hire a company to do it for you, you’ll need to factor in the cost of labor. If the skies the limit with your ramp budget, we recommend hiring a company to build it. They take care of the mundane details like building permits and slope compliance to ensure an ADA-compliant build.

A company can also make suggestions about what material is best for your project. Wood is popular for DIY’ers but professionals can install cement, aluminum, or metal ramps with ease.

Building a Wheelchair Ramp for Freedom

Building a wheelchair ramp provides freedom and accessibility. While the initial investment may be high, we recommend hiring professionals to tackle the project. The pros will build a ramp that’s safe, compliant, and weather-proof.

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