What Should Owners Look for When Choosing a Property Management Company in Dubai?

“General property management services in Dubai are extensive,” says Property Expert Louise. For example, Exclusive Links’ wide range of property management services includes property renovation, as well as preparation before and after occupancy. Routine maintenance such as painting, pest control, and deep thorough cleaning is just one part of your property management services in Dubai.

Most people do not understand the difference between the services offered by a real estate agent and top real estate companies in dubai. While a real estate agent may have management oversight services, which is a form of real estate management, often the services they provide are limited. They still need a power of attorney to perform certain tasks and cannot legally accept rent control on behalf of the landlord. On the other hand, property management companies in Dubai like Exclusive Links have posted a government bond. So if there are problems with non-payment, homeowners will have the opportunity to protect their funds.


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What are the benefits of using a property management company for homeowners?

Property managers in Dubai will work to maximize the owner’s return on investment and reduce costs. “The primary responsibility of a property manager is to protect the owner’s investment”, Louise says. Other benefits of using a property management company include transfer and return documentation along with regular inspections during the rental period. Property managers in Dubai are also working to maximize ROI for homeowners and reduce maintenance costs.

Exclusive Links also manages many properties for foreign owners who own houses in Dubai. Louise emphasizes that Exclusive Links provides special care and support to overseas owners. These owners receive quick and informative updates on their property and are responsible for their investment. Exclusive Links also has its CRM software that specifies all income, expense, lease, and maintenance reports for the property. If clients need records for processes like tax returns, these records are one of the crucial benefits of using a property management company.

Recent changes in local laws have also made property management companies in Dubai crucial. The rental dispute center has removed the option for landlords to grant power of attorney to a third party. This means that owners can now only name one family member or have to hire a lawyer, which can be very expensive. However, property management companies in Dubai can represent homeowners in the event of default.



How soon must homeowners use a property management company?

Property management services in Dubai include hitches, which help identify repairs to be made by the developer.

Louise advises homeowners to commit to a property management company from day one. For example, Exclusive Links offers down payment services in Dubai that are included in their property management services. If you have purchased a newly completed property, Exclusive Links will conduct an 11-month inspection just before the warranty period expires. This service from Property management services in dubai helps to identify any defects and repairs that the builder can make at no cost!

What should owners look for when choosing a property management company in Dubai?

“Choosing a property management company in Dubai is an important task”, says Louise. She recommends checking the company’s business license and making sure what they can legally supply. Other steps when choosing property management services in Dubai include reading company statements, reviews, and conversations with past and present clients. Read more here: 833 Area code

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