What Should You Do If You Have Been A Victim Of Online Shopping Scams?

If you have ever been a victim of online scams, you probably already know that individuals who steal your personal information can create real-life damages. No matter what has been taken from you, it’s crucial to take initial steps to guard yourself as fast as possible. Online shopping scams are very common nowadays. This all involves facing your creditors. However, the chief credit agencies, as well as filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) along with your local police department. You may get confused about what to do if you have been scammed when shopping online or how to prevent online shopping scams. You can easily learn these steps and how they can assist you to end identity thieves in their tracks. Desertcart is here to solve your numerous problems regarding how to deal with online shopping scams.


Contact your Banks and Credit Card Institutions

What to do if you get scammed online shopping? If the online scam includes your personal credit card information or your login credentials for your financial accounts, then you should contact your credit card institutions instantly to end your cards and get fresh ones.

While you are getting assistance along with this process, just ask the representative to kindly check your latest transactions to ensure you remember them. Moreover, if there are certain transactions that you do not recognize, you can just flag them as fraudulent. Besides, taking some time to alter your online passwords to end the criminal from getting your accounts.

If you somehow use the same password on more than one site, modify every account with a new and unique password to make it tough for the hackers to crack. Also, if you have several other passwords and require assistance keeping a track of them. Just think about registering for a specific password manager like 1Password or EndPass. So, this clears your question of how to deal with online shopping scams.

Reach Out to the Credit Bureaus

You need to reach the credit bureaus in case of online shopping scams. There are three national credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You just require to maintain it properly and give access to your credit reports.

However, if you are thinking someone has got your personal identity information, especially your Social security number, then go and contact your credit bureaus to stop access to your credit reports. Here is exactly how to prevent online shopping scams.

Online shopping scams


Freeze Your Credit

There is a way if you got scammed online shopping to keep the individuals from using your credit report as fraud is with a credit freeze. However, freezing your credit card stops anyone from watching your credit report involving all the creditors. Unless you hold the freeze by using a personal identification number (PIN) already given to you.

There are several ways on how to protect yourself from online shopping scams. This particularly means that if an individual is trying to use your information to open a fraud account in your name, the creditor will not be able to mainly approve the entire application as it cannot run a credit check.

With an option of requesting a free credit freeze on your Experian credit report via the Experian Security Freeze Center or by calling a helpline number, Besides, the other two credit bureaus give you the same methods to mainly freeze your reports.

A disadvantage of freezing your credit is mainly that it does not only protect the scammers from getting approved for the credit. It guards you against getting approval as well if stuck between what to do if scammed online shopping. However, if you are strategizing on applying for a credit card or loan anytime soon, it can also offer you valuable protection.

Request a Fraud Alert

If you do not really wish to move via this entire process with every credit bureau, think about locating a fraud alert on your credit reports instead. Although, if you got scammed online shopping then there are two kinds of fraud alerts that you can locate on your report after finding that you have been scammed, a primary fraud alert and an extended fraudulent alert.

Unlike those credit freezes, you just only require a fresh fraud alert with one of those three national credit bureaus. The agency certainly gets your request and will pass it along with the other two.

A primary fraud alert stays on your credit reports for around 90 days. You can easily renew it as many times as you would like to. However, if you wish to extend a fraud alert, that lasts for around 7 years, you will require to contact every credit bureau to send your request. Moreover, you will also be required to give your identity theft report, which comprises an identity theft affidavit from a police report or FTC.

Monitor Your Credit

What to do if you have been scammed online shopping? You can simply take these steps, your personal information will turn less valuable to the scammer who has stolen it. If they somehow steal your credit card number, suppose canceling your card will instantly end them from being able to use your credit line.

Moreover, if they have your Social Security number, just locating a credit freeze or a certain fraud alert on your main credit reports can somehow end the thief or the fraudulent people alerts on your credit reports can end the thief from opening some fresh accounts in your main name.

If you have this question in mind about how to protect yourself from online shopping scams, just know that there are certainly other ways a criminal can use your Social Security number. It all includes filing those fraudulent tax returns and some health insurance claims. So, just try to keep an eye on those particular things as well. Go ahead and report the fraud instantly if it happens. Try to discover how to avoid online shopping scams?

During this entire process of what to do if scammed online shopping, it’s vital to find your credit in case a fraudulent person manages to use your information prior to you lock it down, So, just check your credit report regularly for potential makeovers which you certainly do not see. Keep your eye on your credit score too as it drops down suddenly and that could be a sign that you might face trouble. So next time before you shop online for healthy products, do check the credit score.

There is no great way to end identity theft. However, if you keep a track of your credit details and follow some steps listed above, you will have to get a better chance of recovering instantly from online shopping scams. For more shopping tips, visit Desertcart Blogs.




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