What Should You Know Before Buying a Used Harley-Davidson?

According to the latest reports, Americans purchased more than 780,000 motorcycles during the last year for which information has been made available. That figure reflects an uptick of more than 65 percent over the previous year.

Furthermore, analysts expect motorcycle sales to continue on an upward trend during the years to come. Though many people are specifically in the market for new models, quite a few see the numerous benefits of purchasing used motorcycles. Previously owned bikes can save people a great deal of money from several angles. Of course, it’s important to be careful when purchasing a used motorcycle. 


Things to Take into Account Before Purchasing a Used Harley

If you’re looking to buy a used Harley-Davidson, you’re not alone. Numerous people hold fast to the Harley name and won’t even consider purchasing from another manufacturer. Harleys are certainly known for holding their value over the years, so even purchasing an older model can be a solid investment.

However, keeping a few points in mind during the search for the perfect bike is crucial. Overlooking the following factors could leave you with a severe case of buyer’s remorse and ultimately cost more than you may have bargained for. 

Having a Clear Title

Vehicle titles are essential for many reasons. Perhaps most importantly, they serve as proof of ownership of the bike. A title provides proof that the person selling the bike you’re looking at has the legal right to do so. If the alleged owner doesn’t have a title, the bike could be stolen.

That means purchasing it would be a crime, and ignorance of the situation may not be an acceptable excuse in court. After the purchase, the title provides proof you bought the bike. As such, the person you purchased it from can’t claim you stole it or never actually paid for it. 

Performing a VIN Check

Additionally, it’s best to find out about the history of the bike. Ask the seller if he or she has any additional paperwork for the motorcycle. This could be maintenance records, repair bills, and other documents pertaining to the types of work that have been performed on the bike.

Knowing the motorcycle has been properly maintained offers reassurance that it’ll last for years to come and won’t give you constant trouble. Consider using the VIN to run a history check on the bike to make sure it hasn’t been in any accidents.

Possible Additional Charges

No matter what type of bike you’d like to purchase, it’s best to understand all the costs involved in doing so. You’re not just dealing with the seller’s asking price in a transaction like this.

Be sure you understand the taxes your state charges on vehicle purchases. Keep in mind that insurance coverage, license plates, and other expenses will enter the mix as well. All these vary based on numerous factors, such as the age, mileage, and model of the bike. 

Getting the Most for Your Money

There’s certainly a vast market for used Harley-Davidson motorcycles right now. Those who are looking to purchase them have a good chance of finding the perfect bike to meet their needs and expectations. Before handing over any money, though, be sure the bike has a clear title.

Use its VIN to check its history, and be sure you’re aware of any additional expenses you might face after the initial purchase. All these factors will help ensure you get the most for your money and are able to enjoy that Harley for years to come. 

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