What Sort of Activities Should I Have At My Wedding?

If you’re looking for some games to spice up your special evening, you’ve come to the right place. These ten games are sure to give your guests the experience they crave. A great wedding isn’t just about having a wedding DJ take it to the next level. You need some creative options to ensure you wow your guests. 


Bride and Groom Trivia 

For those who love trivia, the newlywed trivia game gives the bride and groom some insight into how their guests actually feel about them. At each guest’s seat, there will be a sheet of personalized trivia questions about the bride and the groom. It can be multiple choice, true/false, or fill in the blank.

You can also ask your friends and family to answer these questions during your reception. The MC or DJ can read the answers as the evening progresses for some breaks during their set. The guests who get the most answers right can take home a specialized gift from the bride and groom for knowing them best. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

One of the best ways to ensure you get the best wedding photos comes from an unexpected game. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your photographer who snaps all of the photos of the wedding party. You can put the power of the photographer in your guests’ hands by putting disposable cameras at their table and letting them shoot whatever beautiful moments they see throughout the evening.

Each disposable camera will have around twenty photos to try and catch the perfect moment. Whether it’s the bride and groom sharing a kiss, or the hilarious toast of a family member who’s had too much to drink. These photos also keep people mingling so you can keep the energy up. 

The Shoe Game 

The shoe game might be a new concept for the bride and groom, but if they haven’t heard of it, you can bring the fun to the wedding by recommending and explaining. In the shoe game, the bride and groom hold each other’s shoes and the guests can find out how well they know each other.

Someone will read questions aloud and the bride and groom will raise a shoe of whoever best represents the answer. With the shoe game, the bride and groom will have to answer such questions as the following: 

  • Who has the better singing voice?
  • Who is the cleanest?
  • Who snores?

You want to be careful about being personal with your questions, but you can get fairly scandalous with your questions and you can get some laughs. 

Mr. and Mrs. 

It’s your wedding so you can’t be afraid of attention. You’ve likely seen videos of couples asking each other questions about each other to prove they know more about the other than they do about them. It typically has funny results. 

This quiz is the ultimate wedding activity for each of the spouses to find out how well their partner really knows them. They can sit at the top table with whiteboards while guests come up with a list of questions sorted out for creativity and humor.

Newly Wed Mad Libs 

The Newly Wed Mad Lib game ensures your venue starts erupting with laughter. If you don’t want to design some mad libs of your own, you can ask your plan to stage some questions to match guests with your theme. Guests can create their own version of your proposal story, first date, or what they see some of your future stories being together. You should collect the finished versions of your guests’ stories so you can read them aloud and take them home for laughs down the road. 

Giant Jenga 

Who doesn’t love giant blocks falling to the ground and causing mayhem at their wedding? Giant Jenga works best for an outdoor wedding but it fits indoor scenarios as well. All you need is a flat area, such as a tabletop or some grassy ground. You can watch your guests take turns and remove one block at a time from the giant tower. After a few drinks, there’s sure to be some hilarity. Couples can even create their own blocks by painting them. 

Cards Against Humanity 

If you don’t care about things getting slightly raunchy, Cards Against Humanity is sure to be a hit. Cards Against Matrimony has some tailored cards for weddings and marriage. You will want to have the game at the top table and the game will keep your guests laughing so long as it’s PG-13 humor for the majority of them. 

Speech Bingo

Add some pressure to your speech givers by personalizing the questions on BINGO cards to match your wedding invites and theme. Guests can get bored during speeches but this game will keep them engaged throughout the entirety of your reception. All you need to do is mark the sheet with words and phrases that you typically hear throughout wedding speeches. The guest who completes their card will yell BINGO during the speech and it will keep the speech fresh and compelling. 

Guess Who 

For the crafty couples out there who love a bit of DIY, the nostalgic game of Guess Who can become your wedding hit by replacing the characters with wedding guests. If you don’t have the time to make multiple boards, guests can pass around from table to table and get to know each other while other guests try to answer who the culprit is. 

Find Your Match 

If you want to play matchmaker at your wedding, this game is for you. On the back of all your cards, you can write one-half of celebrity couples on the back of a card or one-half of an iconic pair such as peas and carrots or ketchup and mustard. Your single guests will be able to mingle with other stag guests and they can find their match. 

Bottom Line 

The games included on this list are just a few of the fun and exciting things you can include in your reception to ensure you have an enjoyable experience throughout your celebration. The key to any good wedding party is creativity. Don’t fall victim to repeating the same wedding celebration over and over. Games can be precisely what you need to give your wedding some spice. 


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