What To Bring Home From Your Israel Travels

Going on vacation is all about living in the moment, seeing as much as possible, and trying desperately to remember to pick up a few holiday gifts.

Holiday gifts have – in a strange way – become a bit of a tradition in modern-day life. Of course, your friends and family are happy to sit through the obligatory picture presentation when you’re back, but only in the knowledge that they’re going to be rewarded with a vacation knick-knack at the end of it.

But we’re here to change the script a little. Whilst holiday gifts are a great way to show your loved ones that you were thinking of them, it’s important to think about yourself too, and there’s no reason to say you can’t pick something up for your own home.

If you’re off on a vacation to Israel, especially, there will be a number of interesting, unique gifts that will be perfect to integrate into your life back home, becoming in themselves a reminder of all the memories and places that you went to visit. With this in mind, let’s look at three of the best vacation gifts that you should be putting aside for yourself:


Jewish Artefacts

If you’re a member of the Jewish faith – or simply interested in the history of the religion – sites such as the Western Wall and Temple Mount are undoubtedly going to feature on your list of must-visits. These are beautiful places that offer a unique experience, and there are plenty of Jewish artifacts, such as hamsa jewelry or menorahs from Israel, that can keep that experience alive even when you’re back home.

You don’t even have to lug any of them back with you. Buying them online and getting them sent straight to your door is a good way to remove the difficult journey and be left with the same beautiful artifact which you can cherish for years to come.

The Dead Sea

The dead sea should definitely be another Israel must-visit. Just south of Jerusalem, the dead sea is a mystical, unique location that is renowned for being eight times saltier than the ocean. Floating on the waves is an experience like nothing else, and the local cosmetic factories are perfect if you want some essence of those waves back home with you.

Whether it’s mineral botanic soaps, dead sea mud, or skin care creams, these outlets are always offering high-quality cosmetics. They are not only well respected in the therapeutic skin care industry, but you won’t find anything like them anywhere else in the world. Just be warned, if you do gift yourself some dead sea soaps, their uniqueness will mean that you never actually want to use them!


When you travel to Israel, you might notice an abundance of locals reading books. Here, Jewish people are often referred to as “the people of the book” – during the annual Hebrew Book Week, 45% of the population visit book fairs in venues across the country – and there are over 160 branches of Steimatsky (the country’s oldest bookstore chain) up and down the country which confirm this.

In this way, it’s a great idea to visit one of these stores and gift yourself a book to read on your travels and display on your own bookshelf at home. It doesn’t even matter if it’s in Hebrew. At the end of the day, a book from one of these stories is a beautiful memento that will stand out amongst your collection and always be a talking point for anyone coming over to visit – just don’t tell them that you can’t actually read it!


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