What to Do at Disney World and How to Plan

An average of 57,433 guests visited Magic Kingdom per day. Disney World claims it’s the happiest place on Earth, and we can’t help but agree. As soon as you walk through the gates of a Disney World park, you can smell the delicious treats and hear the giggles on the rides. It’s been a rough past year for many people so why not bring a smile back to your face by visiting Disney? Because it’s such a crowded place, Disney World can be intimidating to navigate. We’re here to help with a guide on what to do at Disney World. Keep reading below to plan the trip of a lifetime.


Start Planning Sooner Than Later

When planning a Disney trip, give yourself as much time to plan as possible. There are 4 parks to navigate, and each of them has endless options for dining and amusements.

Disney World is often so busy that you’ll need to book reservations to popular restaurants several months out. Restrictions regarding the pandemic may have altered reservation rules so make sure to check!

In Magic Kingdom, many people love the Liberty Tree Tavern restaurant, and Animal Kingdom has the amazing Sanaa restaurant. The different countries in Epcot’s showcase have food from all over the world. If you’re in Hollywood Studios, check out the Sci-Fi Dine-In.

Speaking of hotels, book your room(s) at least 3-4 months before your vacation. Rooms fill up quickly, especially if it’s a Disney resort room.

Popular resorts to check out include Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the Pop Century Resort, the Wilderness Lodge, or the Art of Animation. There’s something for all price ranges.

Save Your Money

It’s no secret every Disney vacation costs a chunk of change. Start saving money now.

Try your best to cook at home more, and cut down on extra splurges such as movie tickets or new clothes. You’ll be thankful you saved up once you’re in the park.

Once you’re in the park, you’ll want to buy fun Disney shirts or Mickey Mouse ears. You’ll also need money for snacks, meals, parking, and drinks.

Save money on Disney merchandise by buying from sellers on sites like Etsy. Many small businesses make adorable Disney-inspired items!

Before heading into the parks, create a budget. Do your best to stick to it, but also allow yourself to splurge a bit. If you have kids, create rules like, “Only one toy purchase per vacation.”


what to do at Disney world


Plan Your Park Days

Grab your cup of coffee, and put on your sweatpants. It’s time to plan your park days.

Disney World includes Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. You can easily spend a day or 2 in each park and still not see everything.

Double-check each park’s hours. If you’re staying at a Disney resort, ask the front desk about their extra Magic Hours. These are the hours the park is open exclusively for those staying at a Disney-owned resort.

Once you know the hours, take a peek at each park’s map. Circle the must-see Disney attractions and rides. Schedule a FastPass+ for the extremely popular rides, such as Avatar Flight of Passage or Space Mountain.

Are you staying 4+ days at Disney? It’s best to schedule a time to rest between park visits. Walking all day outside quickly wears a person out!

If you’re wanting to visit multiple parks in one day, you’ll need to purchase a Park Hopper Pass.


what to do at Disney world


Know Your Style

Planning a Disney trip all comes down to your personal vacation style.

Many people, especially those visiting with large families, enjoy having every hour of their day planned out. They want to know exactly when they’re arriving, what time they need to be getting into line, and when they’re going to meet Disney characters.

Other people enjoy creating a basic, loose structure and then going with the flow. As long as they know they’ve bought their passes and booked their hotel, they’re good to go.

Know your personal vacation style in mind as you plan, and know what’s best for the group. Doing what’s best for you will keep you happy during your stay.

Pack the Right Things

Your Disney trip is right around the corner, and it’s time to pack! It’s crucial you grab everything you need.

Check the weather of your stay. Bring a rain poncho if it might rain so you won’t have to buy one in the park. You’ll also need to pack sunscreen so you don’t end up too crispy.

The most important item to pack is comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing tons of walking, and you’ll need shoes that aren’t too tight and that have plenty of support.

Pack clothes that are fun and cute but also comfortable. Throughout the day, you’ll be walking, bending over, sitting, and possibly even running to catch a show. Wear an outfit that can do it all.

Also, make sure to have a jacket if needed, credit cards, IDs, emergency cash, phone and camera chargers, toiletries, and a water bottle.


what to do at Disney world


Other Quick Tips

There are a few more quick tips we want to give.

Look into Disney dining plans. These plans can help you save money and time when it comes to eating on your vacation.

Plan your transportation times. Disney resorts offer free transportation to the gates of the different parks. If you’re staying off of the Disney campus, you’ll want to plan for paying for and parking your own vehicle.

Give yourself time to relax. Planning ahead is great, but allow yourself room for spontaneous laughs and adventures. It’s okay to let go and act like a kid again!

Lastly, don’t forget to have a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. It’s crucial.


The Happiest Place on Earth: What to Do at Disney

Disney World is full of magic. Give yourself the chance to experience it. Make sure you read the above guide on what to do at Disney and how to plan your stay.

Make sure to reserve hotel rooms and dinner reservations way ahead of time. Start saving money now so you have extra cash at the parks. Don’t forget to pack your walking shoes!

For more fun guides on everything from home to technology, check out the rest of our site. There’s something for everyone!

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