What to Look For in a Reliable Moving Service

We get it: moving is hard. It’s exhausting both mentally and physically, but luckily there are moving services. They can’t take away all the work for you, but they can make life much easier for you as you deal with all the other challenges that come with relocating. How do you choose the right movers? It could be even worse to hire a company that damages or loses all your belongings, or takes your money and runs. There are ways you can protect yourself against this moving nightmare. We’ll walk you through the steps of finding the right moving service.


Ask Around

The best moving company is one you hear positive things about from satisfied customers. Ask family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances if they have any recommendations for movers. If you can’t get a good moving company out of them, it’s time to turn to the internet.

You can take several different routes for this (Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, Facebook groups, to name a few). Cross-reference highly rated or recommended companies on many platforms to make sure they are consistently well-praised.

Don’t narrow it down to one moving service yet. When you’ve pared it down to three or four, it’s time to check out their website or call for more information.


What to Look For in a Reliable Moving Service


Moving Service Investigation

Good moving services such as this service will have a business license (you can usually find this in their website’s “About Us” section). This license means they are registered with the state and fully qualified to practice.

Accreditation and a high rating with the Better Business Bureau is also something to look for. If the moving company boasts neither or gets defensive if you ask, they are not the service for you.

A quality moving service that is confident in its abilities will offer moving insurance. This ensures they will hold themselves accountable for any damage to your property that occurs during the moving process.

Depending on how far you are moving, check whether they move long distance or local movers. Some companies may only move within a specified radius.

Schedule a Walkthrough

Once you have your moving services that have passed scrutiny, it’s time to call them and schedule a walkthrough of your house so they can give an estimate.

Walk them through your home, letting them know of any large items or furniture you do not plan on taking with you so they can give you the most accurate quote. Tell them whether you plan on packing everything up yourself or if you would like them to provide that service.

Don’t sign any contracts until you have a few estimates to compare and find the best moving service for your needs.


Contract Details

The moving services you choose will give you one of two different kinds of estimates in their contract. We’ll break it down for you.

Binding Estimate

The price you pay for moving will be exactly what the moving service quoted for you. If you request extra or different services on the day of the move, that final price can be adjusted accordingly.

Non-Binding Estimate

This means the moving company may add on additional fees as complications arise, but cannot charge you more than 15% over their original estimate.


moving service



A good moving service will not require an upfront fee or deposit. Only pay once the job has been completed. Experts recommend paying with a credit card to protect yourself against possible fraudulent activity.

Greater Peace of Mind

Moving will never be a simple task. When you hire a moving service, you can relieve some of that stress and save yourself from the exhaustion of moving.

If you’re still trying to sell your home or searching for your next one, check out our Real Estate archives.n We provide helpful homeowner advice and simple moving hacks.

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