What Upgrades Add Value to Your Home?

In real estate, you have to research home upgrade projects that will add value to your home. It is good to remodel your home so that you command a high price when you are finally selling. If you are not sure what upgrades add value to your home, here are a few that you should consider.


A Kitchen Expansion and Remodel

Anyone working in a real estate company will tell you that upgrading your kitchen can significantly increase the value of your home. Therefore, as you rack your brain wondering what upgrades add value to your home, start with the kitchen.

If you have hosted or attended a party in someone’s house, you have probably noticed how people tend to gravitate toward the kitchen. It is considered the heart of the house and with good reason. You need plenty of cabinets and counter space for storage. If your storage facilities are not adequate, you will find your kitchen looking cluttered most of the time.

Update to granite countertops since they are appealing as well as made of good quality. It is best to install stainless steel appliances, but of importance is that the appliance you choose blends well with the kitchen.

When it comes to expanding your kitchen, consider bringing down a wall for an open space plan. It can be the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining and the living room. After expanding the kitchen, install a kitchen island that not only gives you additional storage space but also you to have the counter space for where family members can relax and hang out.

Add Value to Your Home



A Master Bedroom Remodel

Another home upgrade that adds value to your house is the bedroom. Coming home from work when you are tired to rest in a well-designed bedroom can be pretty satisfying. When it comes to master suite remodeling, it is best to pick a theme and design your room with that in mind.

It can be frustrating trying to keep up with color trends for the bedroom, especially if none of them match any colors you like. As much as you are focusing on what upgrades add value to your home, you also want a place you can enjoy resting after a long day. Pick hues that speak to your heart and calm your mind.

Consider accent walls with pattern shapes to improve the bedroom’s aesthetic. The flooring also matters. Install wood flooring, as it is aesthetically pleasing and durable. To spruce things up, add rugs that make the room feel cozy. You need to purchase bedroom furniture to complete the look of your bedroom. Add a dresser that can also serve as an additional storage unit for your jewelry and a grooming kit. Do not forget a bedside table, a bedside lamp, and some wall art to create a sense of balance in the room.

A Home Gym

When thinking of what upgrades add value to your home, just like many people, the gym is not something you would usually consider. However, it is important as well. Many people who want to make fitness part of their everyday life have a gym installed in their homes.

Not only does it make them physically fit and boost their confidence, but they also get the satisfaction of knowing they have prioritized their health. Find the space in your home for the gym, whether it is the extra room or transforming the basement. As you purchase equipment, only get what you need. Keep in mind that you do not have to purchase all items you saw in your local gym.

Additionally, you can use the home gym for physical therapy. If you or any house member has been injured and is undergoing physical therapy, the gym can be ideal for putting in all the equipment you need. Depending on the room you have chosen for the home gym, it will need a proper air supply and sufficient lighting. If the room is small but you have a lot of equipment, consider installing storage facilities to put small equipment. It helps in arranging the gym and reducing clutter.

Add Value to Your Home


A Basement Remodel

What upgrades add value to your home? When looking for that extra space in your home, consider the basement. You can turn it into a recreation room, an extra bedroom, a media room, a barroom, or even a rental unit if it has a separate entrance. If you can, add a bathroom, as this can increase the value of your home even more. Before you start with the planning, check whether any moisture and dampness issues need to be addressed. Once you have taken care of that, you should also consider installing a vapor barrier on both the floors and walls.

You should also insulate the walls to keep the basement warm. Since most basements tend to feel dark and cramped, lighting is essential. Also, you do not want to put many things there and keep the space as open as possible. You should consider installing a proper air circulation system in the basement for better air quality.

A Top-Notch Air Quality System

With the amount of time that most people spend in their homes, it is crucial that they have a good air quality system. Therefore, as you focus on what upgrades add value to your home, consider an air quality system that keeps you and your family healthy.

It is common to hear people complaining about irritation of the nose, throat, and lungs, trouble concentrating, and headaches and fatigue when humidity is either too high or low. This can be due to a lack of a proper air filter or an air conditioning system that cleans and purifies your indoor air.

If your air conditioning is damaged, it may become inefficient and in need of repair or replacement. At this point, you need residential ventilation services to come and inspect the system and determine if they can repair it or replace it. You should also invest in a dehumidifier, especially if you are using your basement, as it helps prevent mold from growing.


Add Value to Your Home


A Fire Sprinkler System

Another home upgrade that will add value to your home is fire sprinkler system installation. Accidents happen from time and time, and you cannot predict when your house may catch fire. It is best to prepare since the cost of installing a sprinkler system is lower than the one caused by a fire.

A sprinkler is effective in controlling or extinguishing a fire, even before the fire department crew arrives. Therefore, the two reasons why you should install them are because they reduce the risk of property damage and the risk of dying in your home.

If you live in a place that is prone to wildfires, it is also best to install exterior fire sprinkler systems to protect your home. After installation, schedule routine maintenance to ensure the systems are in good working condition. You are also likely to enjoy lower insurance rates when you install a fire sprinkler system.

A New Roof

Most of the time, the average lifespan of a roof is 25 years. Therefore, at some point, you will have to replace your roof. However, climatic conditions like hail, snow, and hurricanes tend to cut down the lifespan of your roof. When listing what upgrades add value to your home, add a roof on that list, as you do not want to turn away any prospective buyers because of a damaged roof. If you properly maintain your roof, it can serve you well and give you a return on your investment.

Always inspect the roof after a heavy storm or strong winds to check whether there are any missing shingles, cracks, or peeling. You should also clean your roof from time to time, removing leaves, dirt, and debris. Make a point of investing in roof repairs immediately to prevent further damage. Sometimes, a contractor from a roofing company may inspect your roof and advise you to get a new one. This is when your roof is old and worn out and you have probably already repaired it several times.


Add Value to Your Home


A Fence Outlining Your Property

Your fence not only keeps people and pets away from your home but also adds to your home’s curb appeal and gives it value. A fence is such a valuable investment; you should ensure it’s well installed and in good condition to serve its purpose.

Unless you have the skills, leave the installation bit to the professionals. However, that does not mean you cannot properly maintain it to get the best out of it. If you have a vinyl fence, it is easy to clean with very little maintenance required. Get a water hose and blast it with water, and you are good to go.

If there are tough stains, get stiff-bristled water and try to get the stains off. Ensure your cleaning products do not have ammonia or bleach, as that will weaken the fence. The other common type of fence is wooden. Cleaning it may be a bit tougher than vinyl, but you can get a wood fence cleaner from your local hardware to help remove tough stains. If you have planted plants and flowers at the bottom of your fence to enhance the appeal, keep them short and well maintained so the fence isn’t damaged.

A Well-Landscaped Property

Your house needs to be appealing on the outside, as it is the first thing that potential buyers see when they look at your house. This is why, when you think of what upgrades add value to your home, landscaping should come to mind. Landscaping is more than just mowing your lawn or planting a few plants in your yard, although it is part of it.

It is best to hire a landscape architect to access your home’s exterior and give you suggestions to work with your property. A good place to start is painting the exterior of your home. You may be surprised by how a simple paint job can transform it.

Your driveway needs to be paved as well and in good condition, as it is what leads guests to your home. Keep your front yard well-manicured and in good shape. You may want to spruce things up with raised garden beds and a water feature, which is not only appealing to future buyers, but you get to enjoy it with your family as well. Most people enjoy connecting with nature due to the therapeutic effect it has on them.

Therefore, this could be a selling point for you. If you have trees lining up the driveway, consider adding a few plants at the top. Additionally, get tree trimming services if there are trees blocking light from entering the house or if you have overgrown trees. Well-placed lights and a bench in your yard can also go a long way in making your property attractive.


Add Value 6 Add Value to Your Home


A Proper Gutter System

As you think of what upgrades add value to your home, do not overlook the gutters. They move water away from the foundation of the house, preventing your basement from flooding. With time, a gutter system may begin to wear down, which makes it inefficient. The next thing to do is either replace or repair it. The type of gutter you pick will determine how long it will serve you. Copper gutters do not rust and also have a sleek appearance, eliminating the need for painting. However, they can be costly.

Once you notice a leak or faulty downspouts, get gutter installation services for an inspection of your gutters. It is best to replace old gutters than repairing them. However, for relatively new gutters, you will only need to clean and repair them. For any homeowner, it is best to properly maintain your gutter if they are to last you a long time. Make a habit of often cleaning them and repairing minor damages immediately they appear.

You have several options when it comes to what upgrades add value to your home. When planning for upgrades, focus on smaller projects that will make your home more appealing to the buyer. Make your home energy-efficient with a touch of comfort and character, and you can be sure your house will stand out.



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