What You Need To Know About Building a Smart Home

Technology continues to make incredible advancements at a fast pace in every part of life. The way you communicate, drive, learn and live — all of it is affected by new and improving technologies daily. Even smart home developments have come far enough that the average person can experience the luxuries of intuitive living at their fingertips, or voice, as it were. Are you looking to build an intelligent homelife experience from the ground up? Here are a few things to mull over.


Research Builders

You want your new home to integrate with all of the technology you use and more. Take time to vet home builders to guarantee they can see your vision and accomplish all you ask. Interview a few different companies before settling on one; you’ll want to be sure they are familiar with the tech you’d like to add and have the ability to incorporate it into the build.

Consider Your Digital Ecosystem

Like a regular ecosystem, all parts of your digital, or smart, life work together to create the world you live in. Phones, computers, smart speakers and assistants, security, thermostats, lights, and appliances are all things to consider when building out your ecosystem. Apple, Google, and Amazon are the front-runners in this sort of digital connectivity; it may be wise to select one to build around. The companies don’t tend to work well together, so it is best to commit to one to avoid these issues.


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Command Your Home

There are a few choices available for controlling what happens in your smart home. They can work together, or you can choose to focus on developing one.


This option takes the most time to set up but then can run virtually hands-free. If creating systems that run automatically at certain times of the day or based on your location is your dream, you will want to let your home builder know from the start. Installing a smart home hub to control automation may be your best choice, or perhaps you’d like to go a simpler route and use a smart assistant, like Alexa, to maintain things for you. Each possibility comes with different benefits.

Voice Commands

Would you like to be able to speak and make things happen? “Turn off the lights.” “Set the thermostat to 75 degrees.” “Play relaxing music.” These are a few commands that could be used in a voice-controlled smart home. This can also work well with automated responses you have set up with your smart assistant: “Start the morning routine.” Your favorite podcast plays, the coffee maker does its thing, and your smart fridge tells you the weather forecast for the day. The possibilities are limitless.

App Controls

Being able to open up your phone to lock your doors or activate your A/C at the touch of a button may be more your style. Having this power in the palm of your hand has the added benefit of offsite use, allowing you to control your home’s processes from work or while on vacation.

There is much to weigh when building your ideal smart home. Be sure to do your research and enlist a trustworthy and communicative builder to make your dreams come to life.

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