What You Need to Know About Pregnancy and a List of Cravings

Yes, there is a list of cravings that are common during pregnancy. No kidding, while embracing the new life inside a woman’s womb, a woman experiences a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes, she will be happy; sometimes, she will be sad for no specific reason just because of the imbalance of hormones inside her body.  She has to bear a lot of pain, tiredness, bloating, and nausea all day, every day for the next nine months. Keeping all these factors aside, her heart becomes filled with unconditional love for her unborn child.

She gears up to embrace every bit of the wonderful feeling of being a mother. One of the most common factors of motherhood would be those food cravings that might even just kick in way past midnight. What happens in food cravings is that a mother-to-be often ends up craving for a particular kind of food/dessert due to the irregular flush of hormones throughout her entire body. She might have just eaten a whole meal, but there would be no reasons as to why her body feels like having something, some more.

Although, the process of motherhood is different as experienced by different women. But the symptoms like food cravings, nausea seem to be somewhat similar. Well, here are some nutrition-filled top cravings that a mommy-to-be experiences. Each of these food cravings has been listed with the nutrition benefits that are sure to keep both the mother and child safe, healthy, and happy. Read on to find out more!


List of Pregnancy Cravings



If you are craving pickles, then possibly you are low in your sodium intake. But the craving for some pickles won’t just end there for the mother-to-be. It even could be because it makes a great change of taste. Or it could even be because you are craving something crunchy and salty.


Iron deficiency during pregnancy is said to lead to the craving for ice. Ice doesn’t contain that much iron, but pregnant women who crave ice have been seen to get diagnosed with iron deficiency. There are many other women, who crave for even ice creams of different flavors too.

Chocolate cake

Many pregnant women have been caught red-handed while stealing some chocolate cake from the refrigerator at night. And it is for a reason. Women are found to be low on magnesium; hence they crave chocolate cakes. Many reputed online bakeries that extend their efficient online cake delivery in Varanasi or some XYZ place have stated that there are many midnight deliveries they have made, especially in the case of pregnant women. Other than chocolate cake, one can even crave chocolate, whole grains, nuts, beans, and green vegetables if they follow a healthy diet throughout their pregnancy period.

Spicy Food

When the body has the certain urge to cool down a bit by sweating, spicy food cravings are for real. Pregnancy generates excessive heat in our bodies, which is why cravings for some spicy food to cool down a bit seems like a perfect way to satiate such cravings.


Pregnant women would like to reactivate their taste buds throughout their nine-month period, which is why it is not at all absurd to see women crave some juicy, citrusy lemon. It even makes a great source of vitamin C, which is something needed by our body while going through this phase.


Fruits like watermelon and grapes have cooling properties for pregnant women, so women are seen to binge eat some fruits. It makes an excellent source of Vitamin C for both the mother and the unborn child. The woman would even love to relish some fruit juice throughout her motherhood phase.

Red Meat

Being an easy source of protein; red meat is craved by pregnant women when protein is deficient in their own body. Red meat would include beef, lamb, mutton, pork, and goat.

So, these were the top 7 food/dessert items that pregnant ladies mostly crave for. Obviously, there could be many more other such bizarre food cravings options, but all you mothers-to-be make sure to eat healthily and stay healthy not just for yourself but for the child inside you.

Here’s to you all wonderful women out there living every bit of your motherhood phase with a beautiful smile over your face!

For more interesting pregnancy tips, read the infographic below!


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