Which Stone is Best for Your Kitchen Countertop? Read to Know More

The popularity of stone countertops has been on the block because of their beauty and the value of inherent luxury. However, with so many different varieties available in the market, choosing the right kind of stone for your kitchen countertop may become tricky. Deciding on the appropriate type is pretty very important as choosing the wrong surface can damage the countertop. Therefore, you must take a closer look at the various stone kitchen countertops to suit your lifestyle best.



It is a metamorphic rock that gets formed when sandstone-rich quartz faces a process called metamorphism. Quartz and Quartzite are two different things and, therefore, should not be confused with each other. Because quartzite is a rigid material, it has resistant qualities to scratches. Even though looks are primarily subjective, the finish of quartzite is considered pleasing in the aesthetic sense. But it is porous, and that is why you may need to seal it after a certain period. This will make it less prone to staining as well.


Another metamorphic rock, marble’s fantastic appearance, has made it luxury building material with time. According to the experts at AG Marble, it offers an upscale and classic look. The colors are rich intones, and the finish is very mirror-like. The dramatic veining pattern can transform the look of your kitchen in a matter of mere minutes, conveying the feeling of elegance and formality.

The mineral impurities in the stone are primarily responsible for the varying shades, which can be from white to muted browns and various reds and greens. Each stone is a product of nature and very unique. Therefore, you should take a closer look while choosing the one for your home kitchen. 


Granites are prized chiefly for their toughness against scratches and stains. It is known to be the second most burdensome stone on earth. Created from Magna, and has a medium to coarse texture and crystals. The granite stone is mainly found in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and the United States.

It is widely used in interior designs for centuries. Its beautiful colors ranging from pinks to dark greys or even black help to add a great deal of color and warmth to a room. Depending upon the variations of minerals in each base color presents more combinations on the basic shades. The unbeatable quality that makes it so unique is that its beauty can last a long time in your home. 


Onyx is a gemstone and yet transforms beautifully when it has to be used in architectural designs. The natural stone is formed by quartz and has a fine texture. The crystalline look is specifically characterized by transparency and veining in the style of concentric bands.

The transparency becomes easier to sight when the stone is cut into thin pieces. And that is why onyx becomes the perfect material to use when put in combination with bright light. The soft and delicate colors of reddish-brown, green, yellow, white, and blue get highlighted, even more, thus bringing out your kitchen’s beauty even more.

After reading through now, you know the properties and pros of each of the stone types discussed. Thus we hope that this article eases your way to choosing the best option for yourself.


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