White Oak Cabinets: All You Need to Know about Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Do you think white oak cabinets should be your next choice when you plan to remodel your kitchen? The white oak cabinets are a popular choice for homeowners who are remodeling or renovating their homes. White oak cabinets ensure you don’t lose the functionality benefits of your kitchen even as you combine different designs.

Oak cabinets are a perfect choice and a popular design element, especially for people who prefer a vintage look. Oak cabinets give your room a 1980 feeling. However, in as much as they give the retro-traditional feel, when well blended with modern lighting and countertops, it completes the contemporary design of your kitchen.


Design sem nome 4 white oak cabinets


Recently, people have embraced trendy homes and they are putting more effort into achieving a luxurious look while still paying attention to the budget. One of the most amazing trends we are observing is a simple, minimal look made of wood. White Oak is one of the hardwoods that has been used a lot lately in its natural form. If you focus on using quality material and involving a professional in the setup, you will achieve a timeless design that will serve you for very many years.

White Oak can be used in other places of your home such as white oak bathroom vanity, to bring out a casual, easy and relaxed mood. When it comes to design, less can be more and white oak does that perfectly. Vintage pieces or items that appear like they have been there for ages make a statement in every room and that is something we always look forward to achieving.


white oak cabinets white oak kitchen cabinets, white oak bathroom vanity, white stained cabinets

North America White Oak

There are very many types of white oaks available in the market. However, the North American White okas are increasingly in demand as compared to the other types. White oak that comes from Appalachia especially is preferred due to its consistency, strength, and longevity.

Appalachia is one of the types of white oaks that is timeless and worth all the investment. If you are looking for white oak cabinets that will give your kitchen a high-end look and remain beautiful for ages, then this is the type to settle for.


white oak cabinets white oak kitchen cabinets, white oak bathroom vanity, white stained cabinets


Advantages of White Oak Cabinets

  • Durability

White oak is by far the most durable wood compared to other hardwood types. White oak kitchen cabinets are ideal, especially for kitchens that are heavily used. While other types of hardwood are more likely to get dents and dings, white oak remains untouched over years. Cabinets made of white oak have the ability to maintain a great appearance over a long time.

  • White Oak is Beautiful

White Oak comes in very beautiful grain patterns. In the past, the grain patterns that were associated with white oak were flat cut. There is a cheaper higher-yielding cut, flat cut that produces a large collection of grain patterns that are mostly associated with white oak.

  • Versatility

White oak is versatile and can be used in different ways. It usually gives a kitchen a great and modern appearance due to its fresh look. It can be used to replace white cabinets that give a kitchen additive warmth and texture. You can create a trendy kitchen setting through the combination of white oak cabinets and a stand-out backsplash or a contrasting island.

When you read “white oak cabinets”, you most probably concluded the cabinets are white in color. However, white oaks come in diverse colors ranging from wheat to greenish and brownish.

The reason why white oak cabinets are a good fit to set up a high-end and modern kitchen is due to the different shades of colors. Sometimes neutral colors in design give a pop to the room. Thus, white oak cabinets are ideal for a modern kitchen due to their neutral color scheme.

  • Harmonious

When used together with other design elements for your kitchen, white oak kitchen cabinets create harmony. The modern kitchen has a definition of sleek and clean. The completion of this kitchen will need perfect countertops, brass light fixtures, and matte finishes, white oak cabinets blend in perfectly well as compared to other hardwoods thus creating an elegant space.


white oak cabinets white oak kitchen cabinets, white oak bathroom vanity, white stained cabinets


To achieve a wow factor in your kitchen use the white oak cabinets together with Calacatta marble countertops or white quartzite. The two compliments each other so well thus bringing a feeling of luxury and beauty to your kitchen. This makes it easier to clean even for white stained cabinets as you will use the same procedure to clean the cabinets as the countertops.


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