Who Knew? 3 Facts You Never Realized About Solar Panel Maintenance

Did you know that the cost of solar panels has dropped more than 70% in the last 7 years? Solar power has become the energy source for more people than ever before as people look to lower their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills. However, once you have made the jump to solar, what do you need to know? What does solar panel maintenance involve? How much time will you need to give? Why not read on to learn some fascinating facts about going solar?


1. Solar Panels are Easy to Maintain

A solar panel installation requires very little maintenance each year. Assuming that you do not receive extreme weather phenomenon, likely cleaning will be the most you will need to do in the first years of use.

Solar panel cleaning basically involves removing debris that could block the solar panel and reduce its efficiency. Leaves, dirt, or dust can block the sensors that receive sublight, however, this is very easily removed.

As solar panels save you money, gain you tax incentives, and need so little maintenance, there is no wonder that so many people are making the move.

2. Tilted Solar Panels Often Clean Themselves

One factor that will facilitate the cleaning of your solar panels is the angle that they are tilted to. If they are tilted to the appropriate angle they will not only catch the sun but also the rain.

The rain will wash away dirt and dust from the panel, leaving it clean and able to efficiently absorb the solar energy that will be converted into electricity.

If rain does not do the job, you can usually clean the panels using a leafblower to remove dry materials and a garden hose to remove wet matter.

3. Hot Water Can Damage Your Solar Panels

During the winter months, you may be subject to large falls of snow. During these times you may need to intervene and remove the snow yourself.

When you do this, ensure that you do not use a hard implement in close proximity to the panel.

Next, to remove any ice from the panel, use only cool or lukewarm water. Hot water could cause any glass parts to crack when the temperatures rise quickly.

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance and Much More

If you are thinking about the switch to solar power, you are probably wondering how much time you are going to need to give to care of your panels.

The great news is that solar panel maintenance is far easier and cheaper than most people think. The facts we have discussed today testify to the simplicity of keeping your cheap, renewable source of energy in good condition.

If you would like to read even more about this and similar subjects, where can you find more? Simply check out the rest of our blog page.

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