Why Choose Artificial Grass for Rooftops?

When living in urban areas, you should not let it stop you from enjoying a touch of green in your living space. In fact, with some rooftop turf, you can create some green space without even trying to keep it alive. Gardening is not for everyone, but a rooftop deck might be. Great, but what about the environment? Is it not harmful? No, the truth is that installing artificial grass on a roof has loads of great benefits.


The Grass is Kid and Pet Friendly

The tall-pile polyethylene turf installed on the roof has an infill to mimic natural grass. It is the same synthetic material used on playing surfaces, making it exceptional for kids and pets. So, you and your babies can have countless hours of fun on the rooftop playing. Even the risk of falling over on the grass is lower as it has anti-slip properties. Still, if someone falls, it acts as a cushion on impact.

Add Insulation to Your Home

Installing artificial turf on the roof can help reduce your power bill. In addition, the grass acts as insulation to reduce the amount of heat escaping. If you live in a warm city, the grass will keep your living space cool as it absorbs the heat outside.


Why Choose Artificial Grass for Rooftops?


Synthetic Grass is Easy to Clean

The artificial grass for rooftops is well-draining and only needs cleaning using mild soap and a brush. You can occasionally hose it down using water. You can even install a pet potty area. You can reach out to the installer for particular cleaning products to easily remove the growth and odor.

The Synthetic Turf Looks Great

Natural grass dries out in summer and winter, turning brown or yellow. This does not happen to artificial rooftop grass as it does not fade in the sun or rain. It will remain the same color for years. So, you can entertain friends while looking over the rooftop at the skyline above. Then you can look down at a deck filled with greenery.

It Gives Your Rooftop That Unique Look

Who wants to enjoy a flat rooftop when you can turn the magic on installing synthetic turf. Your isolated green space is like that secret gate that opens to a fantasyland in the big concrete jungle. Imagine when your visitors come over and you lead them to your secret garden.


Why Choose Artificial Grass for Rooftops?


It is Less to Maintain and Less Expensive

Growing plants on your rooftop in a perfect world might be cheaper, but in the real world, you need to take out money to keep it that way. In addition, you can have water damage on the roof deck, costing you more. The only time you use water is with the occasional cleaning; it does not need soil to live. Furthermore, it will also help with the deterioration of the rooftop. Thus, it helps to keep roofing repairs to a minimum. You can even use it in your home.

Do You Want Your Rooftop to Look Like a Tropical Garden?

You can install rooftop synthetic grass with some planters to create an exotic touch to your deck. If you are interested, why not head over to Lone Star Synthetic Turf and check out the different artificial lawn installations.


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