Why Does Mold Keep Growing In My Home?

Many of us like to believe that our homes are the safest places on earth. However, what do you do if mold keeps growing in your home? If mold is present in your house, it can lead to damage that’s expensive to repair and may make you physically sick.

Due to the high temperatures and humidity in this region, mold can often appear in any type of house. Mold restoration in the Miami area is common because of the area’s hot climate. Mold will appear in most homes, and a thorough removal is recommended, but let’s examine exactly why mold keeps growing in South Florida homes.


The Level of Humidity

One of the main reasons why you may not be able to avoid mold is the level of humidity. As mentioned above, high humidity is a constant climate factor in South Florida. The ocean has an impact on the humidity levels and the appearance of mold. Other massive water sources, like hurricanes or bad thunderstorms, can affect mold production as well. All these factors increase the high level of moisture in the air, which creates the perfect environment for mold to grow in or on walls and other areas of your home.

Don’t overthink the issue of humidity; there is a straightforward way to fix it: ventilating your home properly. you should have your windows open and ensure a proper fresh air flow in the house as often as possible. During months with high temperatures, this is a must.


Why Does Mold Keep Growing In My Home?


Water Infiltration

You don’t necessarily need to live near a body of water to have mold issues. Water can also infiltrate from different sources and create mold. A leakage from a pipe or a small hole in the roof can cause significant damage.

You need to pay attention and fix these issues as soon as possible. If mold appears and starts to spread, it will be tough to remove without professional help. At first, you may think you got rid of the mold, but it is a tricky situation and it can come back even if you visually don’t see it.

Problems With Condensation

Mold can keep growing if you don’t fix the condensation problems. A condensation issue can appear when there is a fluctuation in temperature. When the temperature in you home meets with a different temperature gradient, the vapors in the air can condense into a liquid. You may have observed this near your air vents as cooler air enters a warmer room.

Also, if your walls are not adequately insulated, water droplets can form on them. Mold will keep appearing until you fix the insulation issue. You may try to clean the mold on that wall, but it will come back repeatedly until you properly insulate.


Why Does Mold Keep Growing In My Home?


Drying Clothes

If you usually dry clothes inside the house, it is a common reason for the recurrence of mold. It will keep growing if you do not use a dryer. Hanging clothes near a wall will create mold. Mold which is uncontained will expand to other walls and areas of the house.

If you still want to dry your clothes on a rack, you need to do it near an open window. With good ventilation, mold won’t be able to manifest itself inside your.

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