Why Dolce & Gabbana Chooses Sustainable Over Furs

When Dolce & Gabbana announced earlier this year that they were phasing out real fur from their future collections, it sent shock waves through the fashion industry. It wasn’t just because they were leaving the fur industry, but also because they were moving toward sustainable options.

Fur has a long history when it comes to keeping people warm. It wasn’t always prized for its appearance.

Fur’s Long History in Fashion

Fur hasn’t always been a symbol of wealth or style. For thousands of years, early humans wore fur out of necessity to stay warm during cold months.

Wrapped up from head to toe, humans prized it for its insulating qualities. That it was soft and beautiful was simply icing on the cake.

With the 20th century came the industrial age and indoor heating. As people no longer solely relied on fur for warmth, it became a fashion statement for those who could afford it.

It was further glamorized by Hollywood icons who wore it during special events such as movie premieres and awards ceremonies. Young women not only idolized the stars, but they desired to emulate their fashion.

As beautiful animal furs were harvested for everything from ear muffs to hand warmers, some sought-after animals such as ocelots and tigers were on the brink of extinction. Soon after, animal rights activism was born and real fur in fashion has been falling out of favor ever since.


Why Dolce & Gabbana Chooses Sustainable Over Furs


Dolce & Gabbana Leave Fur Behind

One of the major fashion houses leaving fur behind is Dolce & Gabbana. The Italian designers have opted instead to utilize eco-friendly faux fur in future designs. The type of fur DG is utilizing pulls materials from recycled and sustainable materials, offering peace of mind not just to animal lovers, but to the environmentally conscious as well.

By choosing sustainable faux fur, DG is opening the door to a new type of material still not fully explored in the industry. The result is nothing short of impressive.

The faux fur on this glamorous jacket utilizes bold and modern lines, creating a simple yet elegant statement regarding the future of sustainable faux fur. It’s here to stay.

Modern Faux Fur’s Appeal

While there are still some fashion houses that are choosing to continue to manufacture real fur outerwear, it is anticipated that real fur will continue to fall out of favor.

Fur made from synthetic and sustainable materials can offer several benefits to designers and their consumers that actual fur simply cannot. Faux fur is

•       animal friendly

•       environmentally friendly

•       has no limits in design-manufacturing

Sustainable fur has no bonds and it is just beginning to be explored.

High-End Faux Fur Shopping

Whether real or faux, fur continues to trend with high-end fashion houses and the people who wear their designs. Nothing can change the fact that furs, whether faux or real, are soft, durable, and visibly appealing.

Whether real fur fades out for good or not, only time can tell.


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