Why Every Room Needs a Washable Rug

Rugs are a stylish addition to any room in your home – from the living room to the bedrooms. Rugs deliver a sense of comfort and beauty to a space, but there’s one downfall many homeowners struggle with: the upkeep. Due to the location, rugs can easily become stained and dirty. Cleaning a traditional rug can be a drag which is why washable rugs are incredibly popular and make the perfect additions to every room in your house.


Low Maintenance Care

The best part about filling your home with washable rugs is that they require low maintenance care. These rugs are machine washable so you don’t have to carve out a ton of time in your day to clean them. Plus, they’re made with material that can withstand the washing machine so you don’t have to worry about fading or shedding.

You don’t have to forgo adding rugs to your home because you don’t have time to clean them. Whether you keep a busy work schedule or have a family that’s always running here, there, and everywhere, a washable rug takes the stress out of cleaning or hiring a professional.

Great for Families with Children or Pets

If you have a busy household with kids or pets (or both), you know that messes are a part of life. Cleaning is often a more frequent task when you live with messier housemates and rugs are no different. From tracking dirt from outside to messy food spills, your rug could take a beating. But you don’t have to worry with a quality washable rug, you can easily clean the messes as they happen so you don’t wind up with set-in stains.


Why Every Room Needs a Washable Rug

A Must-Have for High Traffic Areas

You likely know that areas of the home that handle a lot of traffic end up getting dirtier more quickly. Entry areas are a prime example of this and often track mud, dirt, salt, and other weather elements into the area which can lead to dirt build-up. Hallways, living areas, and the kitchen are also common high-traffic areas.

High-traffic areas are actually great places to put a washable rug. The rug can serve as a protective layer to the floor underneath so you don’t cause undue damage to a particular area of the floor. That could result in a timely chore, hiring a professional cleaner, or eventually replacing or renovating the area. Washable rugs in these areas can then be easily cleaned on a consistent basis without you having to stress over cleaning manually.

Beneficial for Allergy Sufferers

If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, you know how cumbersome and difficult it can be to have your home become a prime spot for flare-ups. Rugs can accumulate a great deal of dirt and dust but you also run the risk of allergen accumulation such as pollen or grass. More frequent cleaning is often required which makes washable rugs a better option for allergen sufferers. You can handle this task more frequently with less fuss.


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Reduce Stress Related to Mess or Accidents

Trying to maintain a clean home can feel incredibly stressful. You probably have a ton of other tasks on your plate and you don’t want to add any more to the mix. So, when messes or accidents happen, it can feel stressful to deal with. Washable rugs reduce this stress significantly. Messes and accidents happen. It’s inevitable. You don’t need to stress about messes when you have washable rugs. Simply throw it in the washing machine and you’re good to go.

No Need to Sacrifice Style

Washable rugs are incredibly convenient and that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice beautiful style. There are a wide variety of washable rug styles and materials that match any home design from modern to minimalist, contemporary to mid-century, and everything in between. You can easily find rugs that offer low-maintenance care that fit your home’s style.


As you’re shopping for rugs for your home, you’re likely searching for rugs that match your style. You want the right design and material to bring comfort to your home. But more important than style to consider is the maintenance. Washable rugs are the best option. You don’t have to stress about how you’ll find the time or budget to get the rugs cleaned every time a mess happens. With a washable rug, you take the muss and fuss out of traditional rug cleaning.


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