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Why Investing in a Toilet Sink Combo is a Good Idea

It may be all invented, but there is still room for novelty. If you think a little about something new, something that allows you to save water, reuse it and at the same time it saves space, something comes out. It is the toilet sink combo.

Although the toilet sink combo is not new, it is not popular. Considering the aspects of this concept, it is one of the best ways to go green without sacrificing style. The basic idea is that the sink and toilet are connected and the water to wash your hands can be recycled and used to flush the toilet.

Many people are unfamiliar with this concept, but this is normal. A toilet sink combo has a faucet that connects directly to the water supply, while the faucet connects to the water supply and then flows into the tank to flush the toilet.


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(Image via Victorian Plumbing)


Reasons to get a toilet sink combo

  • It is a futuristic design

Sometimes, innovation is a sum of concepts, the product of combining forces and connecting different ideas. Sustainability, minimalism, and aesthetics come together in a toilet basin combo.

  • It is eco-friendly

Water is a valuable resource that is essential for life on the planet. The toilet and basin combo incorporates a sink into the upper part of the toilet tank, which allows reusing water.

  • It is easy to install

Opposite to traditional toilets and sinks, a toilet and sink combo does not require complicated plumbing. You only need to provide water for the sink. Water goes from the sink to the toilet.

  • It is space-saving

Small spaces require extreme ingenuity for decoration without sacrificing aesthetics. The compact design of a toilet sink combo takes up very little space and its shape gives the bathroom a unique personality.

  • It is low-maintenance 

The ergonomic design of the furniture makes it easy to maintain the toilet and sink. The top of the toilet tank and the underside of the sink is not subject to regular cleaning. It is also easy to clean the tank top. Water running from the faucet can keep the sink clean, as it will be used frequently.

  • Helps save money

When you buy a toilet sink combo, you pay a lower price than if you buy the toilet and sink separately.

  • Keeps a consistent design

By acquiring a combination vanity unit from the same brand, you ensure continuity in your washroom design. Just add functional and decorative accessories.


oversized floor mirror  oversized full length mirror, oversized floor mirror 80 inch,  extra large oversized floor mirror(Image via Victorian Plumbing)


Installing a toilet basin combo

  • Do your measurements

Consider the available space before purchasing the toilet and basin combo. Measure the area and the space where the unit will be installed.

  • Check the plumbing system

Take a look at your plumbing system. A toilet sink combo requires a system like one of a regular toilet. If you need to modify it, verify it first.

  • Shut off the water supply

Turn off the water supply before installing the toilet.

  • Connect the drain hose to the faucet

Once the combo is installed, add the drain hose and the faucet.

  • Ensure the combo is placed correctly

Next, check for improper placement or damage to the pipe. This can prevent leaks once the toilet is working.

  • Turn on the water supply and check the water flow

Once everything is in order, reopen the water supply and check the water flow.


oversized floor mirror  oversized full length mirror, oversized floor mirror 80 inch,  extra large oversized floor mirror(Image via Victorian Plumbing)


Toilet and sink combo ideas to go green

You can combine the toilet and basin in multiple ways. One option is to place the sink directly above the toilet tank so that the sink and the toilet turn into a single hybrid piece.

This design, however, is not the most practical given the position of the toilet bowl, which makes it hard to wash one’s hands comfortably. Yet, this design is not always as bad as it seems. If your bathroom is very small, having the toilet bowl in that position should not be troublesome.

If you have a really cramped and small bathroom where there really isn’t room for a toilet and sink, you can combine these two pieces to save space, maximize functionality, and go green. It will also leave more room for wall decoration.



Regardless of the reason to install a toilet sink combo, there’s no doubt it will transform your washroom. Many people are skeptical about this product because not everyone uses it. But once you have it at home, you’ll see it’s worth the time and money.

If you lack space, a toilet and basin combo is the best choice. It is compact and will help you save space in the bathroom. You can also save money on labor costs, as it is low maintenance and easy to install.

If you want to save water and reduce your water bills, a toilet sink combo is the way to go.


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