Why Is Tree Pruning Important? Top 6 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Trees in the forest are free, that is their kingdom and run by their rules. They spread themselves as much as they want, they grow high, stretch out the branches, and when those branches get old, they shade them freely on the forest ground.

However, it is not the situation with our backyard trees or trees along the roadside, they don’t have that level of freedom, and for a good reason. Of course, we like to see our trees strong and in their natural form, but at the same time, we need to ensure that it won’t become a safety risk. And for that safety reasons, the tree pruning service comes into the scenario. Maybe you have heard the term ‘tree pruning’ earlier, it is related to trimming the trees. Keep reading this article to learn why tree pruning is important.


Why Is Tree Pruning Important?


Importance of regular tree pruning

Pruning is the best thing you can do for the health of your trees. Pruning a tree properly is both an investment for the long-term health of your trees and the safety and aesthetic of your property.

The motive of pruning is removing unwanted branches, the structure of the tree, and healthy growth. If you are one of those who skip the regular pruning of the trees, take a moment to know all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

Tree health

Overgrowth can negatively impact the overall health of the trees. If not pruned on time, trees can become weak, and the possibilities of their survival become less.

Pruning of trees can also be referred to as trimming. This process involves the removal of branches and limbs that are dead, infected, diseased, and restrict healthy growth. Pruning trees regularly make them stronger, gives a healthier structure, and lessens the need for corrective pruning. It provides room for the growth of new branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits.

According to the horticulturists, the height of a mature and tall tree should be decreased for three years. The pruning of one-third of the excess height each year before spring rain reduces the possibility of spreading the diseases to the cuts. Also, it helps in faster recovery of the tree from the old and new wounds.

Tree appearance

Trees that get pruned regularly grow in a balanced and beautiful way. Otherwise, the branches spring up in odd directions, and the tree looks mishappening and messy.

Pruning is like a haircut that is necessary for a sharp, tidy appearance. Thinning out limbs and cutting the clunky branches enhances the natural beauty of the tree. It is important to prune the trees which you planted to enhance the appeal of your property. To put it simply, pruning provides you with the ideal tree you envision for your yard.

Property aesthetics

The aesthetics of your property looks bad because of untrimmed trees. Trees with dense branches can block the entrance of sun rays and prevent the rainwater to flourish the flowers and grass underneath. Regular pruning ensures the proper passage of moisture and sunlight through the branches. Tree maintenance supports the planned layout of your property and appearance by providing the right size and shape to the plant.

Also, pruning trees can cut short the limbs that may block your lake, valley, or other scenery views.

Safety for family and property

One of the most important reasons to prune trees is the safety of family and property. Dead and diseased branches are more prone to breakage; even a little wind or storm can make the limbs fall on the ground- and someone may get injured. These branches can fall either on walkways, driveways, or children’s playing areas. Such hazardous branches make it more critical to prune the trees regularly. Pruning makes trees strong, healthy, and less likely to fall.

Trimmed trees also decline the risk of pests, vermin, and snakes entering your property.

Manageable size

When you prune a tree at a young age, it will grow into a manageable size. Regular pruning is important for fruit trees, as it allows the harvesting of the fruit without a ladder. It is much easier and better to prune young trees to manage their height than trying to lower the height of a mature tree.

Less garden waste

Pruning helps you get rid of garden waste that accumulates due to fallen twigs, leaves, and flowers. Regular pruning is even more important when you have large trees in a small space. It will increase the need for frequent and excessive pruning. Untrimmed trees produce unnecessary garden waste and take up your valuable time doing unnecessary cleaning and maintenance.

If you are convinced with the idea of regular tree pruning, hire a certified local arborist by searching for the ‘tree pruning service Santa Rosa’ or ‘tree pruning near me’ online. Contact a tree professional and get the best possible care for your trees. Their assistance will ensure continued growth so they remain strong and beautiful for many years ahead.


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