Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Drying the Dishes?

54 percent of households in the United States have dishwashers. But many people stop using them because they don’t work correctly.

One common thing many people find themselves asking is, “why isn’t my dishwasher drying dishes?” A problem like this can be frustrating and time-consuming if you have to dry dishes by hand.

Continue reading to learn why you might be experiencing this issue so you can determine how to fix it!


  Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Drying the Dishes?


You Aren’t Loading It Properly

If you consistently find your dishes are still wet in the dishwasher, it could be because of how you put them in.

Placing items on the wrong rack can prevent the air from reaching them or lead to them filling with water, making it impossible for them to fully dry.

Dishes like cups and bowls should always be facing down, so they don’t collect water, and they fit best on the top rack. The bottom rack is more suitable for plates and cookware.

You should always leave a bit of space between each item whenever possible for even better airflow.

You’re Overcrowding the Dishwasher

As mentioned above, placing items too close together or overcrowding them makes it difficult for air to reach all the dishes inside.

Air needs space to travel to get dispersed to all areas of the dishwasher. One easy way to test if this is the problem is by half loading your dishwasher and seeing if they come out dry.

If they do, you know you’re packing in too many things.


Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Drying the Dishes?


The Heat Setting Is Off

If the dishwasher dishes are still wet even with them being in properly and spaced apart, the heat setting could be wrong.

Each dishwasher has several heat settings for drying. If you’re using an energy saver cycle, it might be using cool air to dry dishes, which isn’t as effective.

Try setting it to use heated air instead and see if it makes a difference.

Something Is Broken

A dishwasher is an appliance most people use almost every day. Unfortunately, because of this, things are likely to break eventually.

If your dishwasher isn’t drying things or you find your dishwasher leaking, it’s clear something inside isn’t working right. It’s best to call in a specialist so they can diagnose the problem and determine how you can fix it.

In some cases, your dishwasher might need to be replaced. But it’s better to know so you can enjoy a functioning dishwasher instead of one that doesn’t work right.

Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Drying Dishes?: Solved

The answer to, “why isn’t my dishwasher drying dishes?” is usually pretty simple: you’re loading improperly, adding too much, or not using the right setting.

If all else fails, calling in someone to help you solve the issue is key. Whether you need to get a basic repair or a new unit, having a functioning dishwasher again will feel like a dream come true!

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