Why It’s Important To Pest Control Your House Before The Summer Starts

Summer is the season of fun. Everyone eagerly awaits summer and looks forward to outdoor activities. You have probably planned a number of activities with your friends and family. However, summer is not a good season just for you but also for numerous pets who will visit your home.

There is a notable increase in pest activities as the summer months roll in. The challenge of keeping your home safe from pests is one that many homeowners face at one point. Several factors work together to bring about this increase in pest activities. Some of the reasons why it is important to implement pest control before summer starts are.


Warm Temperature

A lot of insects and animals hibernate during the winter. During summer, they wake up and start going about their business. The warmer temperature, an abundance of food, and moisturized air, make it a perfect season for pests to come out of their hibernation. Some common pests that love warm, damp areas are mosquitoes, ants, and termites.

Increased reproduction

Warmer temperatures during summer are ideal for reproduction. Pests use the winters to get ready for reproduction and increase their numbers during summer. After months of hibernation, they restock their colonies and new hatchlings are born. Insects like flies and rodents reproduce in the summer. Excretes from mammals and plants provide them with a great food source during the hot season.

Increased daytime

Winter has short days and longer nights. The opposite is true for summer. And when there is more daylight, there is more time to look for food. This is why you will find a lot more pests during summer days. People also tend to go out a lot during this season. Pests like fleas and ticks can hitch a ride and infiltrate your home.


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More moisture

Moisture is far more crucial to the survival of pests than humans. During winter, there is very little humidity in the air. In summer, the increased moisture content in the air increases pest activity. This is because the humidity is ideal for pest reproduction and feeding.

It is also why you are likely to encounter more pests in damp places with a lot of humidity. That’s why it’s best to pest control your house before the temperature starts rising. It is advisable to get it with the help professional pest control agency. A lot of the pest control chemicals are health hazards and shouldn’t be used without professional guidance.

Life cycle

Most of the pests are cold-blooded. That is, they cannot regulate their body temperature to keep up with the cold. Thus, weather conditions profoundly affect their lifestyle. Summer provides the perfect temperature for their survival. And that is why pests are encountered a lot more in summer.

More food

More food is available in summer for all living things. Whether it is a pest or a human, food is often stocked up in the hot season. The plants flourish during the warm season and provide more food for everyone. The contribution of the food web is also a reason. For example, if there are more rodents, then there are likely to be more snakes as well.



Pest can be annoying. During the already hot temperature, finding insects or rodents around your house just piles more misery on you. The most effective way to keep your house pest-free in summer is to hire professional pest control. While you can do some things yourself, they are likely to be ineffective. On the other hand, pest control professionals will evaluate your home and give you recommendations based on that.

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