Why Should All Elevators Have Protective Smoke Guard Systems?

Elevators are an important part of our daily lives. We take them on trips and to work, and they are used by elderly people and the young alike. On top of that, many people ride in elevators more than once a day, bringing home groceries or shopping bags, doing household chores, or taking children to school. Because elevators are so used, they must be kept in good condition at all times. Here are some of the most important reasons why it is important to have protective smoke guard systems installed on all elevator floors:


They Are Effective Use 

Protecting people from breathing in substances that are not safe for them is one of the most important reasons why all elevator floors should have smoke guard systems in place. Many different chemicals get circulated in elevators on a daily basis, some that are toxic and some that are not.

In addition to the obvious health hazards of breathing in these toxins, there is the risk of burning the lungs if they are exposed to smoke for too long. Smoke can reach the lungs quickly and can cause severe damage over time. Smoke guard systems will help prevent this, keeping everyone in the building safe from harmful smoke.

They Can Provide Fire Safety 

When there is a fire on an elevator, it can quickly turn deadly. An elevator may not be able to stop safely and may crash, leaving residents trapped inside. Smoke can easily fill the room and make it difficult to breathe. Smoke control is another reason why all elevators should have smoke guard systems in place. Smoke can reach the ceiling of the building and can block the exit for those who have become trapped. Smoke control will also prevent occupants from becoming trapped in a fire and causing the fire to spread.

They Can Reduce Medical Cost For Any Emergency

Smoke can cost thousands of dollars to treat, making it an expensive medical emergency for those affected. Smoke guard systems will reduce the amount of money needed to treat fire and also reduce the amount of money needed to clean up a fire. An automatic smoke detection system will ensure that smoke and flames are detected before they get too out of control. This will allow fire departments to arrive at a quicker solution to the problem and can save lives.

An improperly installed smoke alarm system can lead to a loss of life. If smoke is not detected by the safety equipment and lung irritants are breathed in by the employee or customer then they can suffer from severe medical conditions including brain damage. The equipment should always be properly maintained to prevent medical problems due to incorrect maintenance.

They Can Reduce The Risk Of Fire 

Elevator maintenance and safety equipment that has been installed correctly can help reduce the chance of a fire occurring. Smoke detectors are one of the most important components of a successful smoke detection system. Smoke alarms work when they detect any changes in the level of smoke within a certain area.

A successful system will alert an operator or a fire department of the need for immediate assistance. Safe equipment should be installed by trained professionals and regularly maintained to keep the equipment working at its optimal performance.

They Can Reduced Property Damage 

In the event of a fire or other disaster, the machinery contained within an elevator can cause severe property damage. Smoke can travel very fast through the air system, spreading dust and debris throughout a large building. Smoke alarms are designed to detect these airborne particles and alert the company that an emergency situation has occurred. Having a protective system in place will prevent a catastrophic loss of property.

Why are smoke guard systems so important, and where can people purchase them?

Protective smoke guard systems are an essential part of a successful elevator maintenance program. Click here and find out how an effective elevator maintenance program will allow for a safer environment for employees, customers, and the equipment itself. Protecting the equipment and preventing fires will also allow for more efficient and effective use of the available safety resources.

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