Why Should You Choose Shower Screens for Your Modern Bathroom?

If you have a plan to renovate your bathroom then you can consider various things, like changing the wall color, floor tiles, hardware, cabinets, vanity, and more. But you can add an elegant touch to your bathroom by installing frameless shower screens. You can keep your bathroom clean and hygienic by installing such screens. Here we’ve put together reasons why you should invest in shower screens for your modern bathroom.


What Are The Benefits Of Shower Screens?

Bathroom Renovations 4 Shower Screens for Your Modern Bathroom


Shower curtains can save your initial installation cost, but you need to spend a huge maintenance cost on them. Plus, shower curtains cannot last for long and you need to change them every year. In this case, you can install glass shower screens in your bathroom. These screens are sleek and chic. Your bathroom will look more polished and unified as these screens are very attractive.

  • Shower curtains are available in limited sizes, and you cannot customize them according to your needs. But you can customize your glass shower screens according to your bathroom size. If you have a small space in your bathroom then you can install these screens in a corner and cover that corner to make a shower enclosure. You can create some irregularly shaped enclosures with these screens, and you can check such designs online to choose the best one.
  • If you plan to sell your house in the future, then you will get a great resale value for such frameless shower screens. They are elegant, and you can easily create a cozy and comfortable space with these screens. Maintaining privacy is important and you can install some frosted glasses in your bathroom. You can cover half of the screens with some designs and keep the top of the enclosure open for ventilation. These screens are versatile in nature.


Shower Screens for Your Modern Bathroom


  • These glass screens are treated with tempering and heat treatment, and they are durable than normal glass. They are completely scratch and shatter-resistant. If you maintain your shower screens in a normal way, then you can use them for years. Apart from that, such screens come with a long-term warranty, and contractors can provide an additional warranty on their hardware, frame, and handle. So, if you find anything wrong within their warranty period, then you can claim a free service.
  • You do not need to spend a huge maintenance cost on these screens. You can easily clean the glass screens and use cotton to remove the water spots and soap residue. You must choose a shower screen that is designed with a corrosion-resistant frame and hardware. Else, you can simply install a frameless shower screen in your bathroom. It requires less maintenance and you can easily access the entire glass pane of these screens.
  • If you use shower curtains in your small bathroom, then these curtains can make your bathroom smaller in size than its actual size. But glass shower screens are transparent, and they can create an organic flow in your bathroom. Your bathroom appears larger, and you can install a few lights inside your shower enclosure to make your bathroom brighter. Else, just install a few lights on the opposite wall of the screens, and it will be reflected on the screens.


How Would You Choose The Best Shower Screens?

Shower Screens for Your Modern Bathroom


You must consider your budget while you choose the shower screens because these screens are available in various sizes, designs, and prices. Apart from that, you should measure your bathroom before you choose the screens, and you can hire an expert to measure your shower space and customize your screens accordingly.

If you have a small space in your bathroom then you can choose frameless screens because they are designed with tinted frosted glass and they will not affect the proportion of large bathrooms.


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