Why You Need To Hire a Real Estate Law Firm

Did you know that the average annual salary of a real estate agent is just shy of $63,000? Despite making a livable wage, there are some real estate agents skilled at manipulating first-time buyers.

While many real estate agents are committed to providing their clients with the ultimate support and service, a handful of them look for any way to make some extra cash during a project. This is where the services of a real estate law firm can come in handy.

But what does a real estate attorney do for a buyer exactly? And how can they improve your home-buying experience?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below to learn all about the benefits of hiring an attorney from a real estate law firm!


They’re Unbiased

An attorney at a real estate law firm gains nothing from your buyer’s transaction results. They don’t collect any commission from the sale of a home, which makes them more trustworthy.

Since they have no stake in the sale, a real estate lawyer has nothing to lose or gain by telling you the truth about your situation. Combined with their professional expertise, they’re able to give you an informed yet unbiased opinion about the transaction and your agent’s behavior.

They Can Provide Solid Recommendations

Real estate agents often partner with certain services and receive a sliver of the profits when a client works with one of their recommended associates. If an agent is really seedy, they may even manipulate an associate’s results or services in order to make the home sale-ready.

Like the attorneys themselves, their recommendations for home inspectors or contractors will have no impact on the final transaction. This unbiased action will result in a more transparent transaction down the line.


Real Estate Law Firm


They Can Walk You Through Your Paperwork

“Do I need a real estate attorney?” Well, unless you’ve spent years in law school, the assistance of an attorney can really help you out. Home sale paperwork is chocked full of complicated legal jargon.

Connolly Suthers Townsville explains that a real estate attorney is able to walk you through the complexities of the paperwork and explain any potential issues. The briefing may even prepare you to handle your next home-buying transaction on your own. They’ll also be familiar with any unusual state laws, which can be especially helpful if you’re, for example, moving across the country.

Discover What a Real Estate Law Firm Can Do for You

No one wants to be exploited when searching for their new dream home or selling their current house. Whether you’re using a real estate attorney instead of an agent or in conjunction with one, you’re setting yourself up for a more secure and transparent transaction.

With the guide above, you’ll be fully informed on why you should hire a real estate attorney. With the tips above and a good real estate law firm on your side, you’ll have no trouble navigating the world of real estate sales.

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