Why You Should Avoid Free CBD oil Samples

There has been a great deal of hype around CBD and the idea of using it as a dietary supplement over the last few years. CBD products have quickly gone from being somewhat of a niche item to a highly sought-after health and wellness supplement.

The list of benefits linked to regular CBD usage continues to grow as more money and effort is spent researching hemp plants and their effect on the body. CBD supplements may help with everything from chronic pain to sleep and anxiety.

Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people are looking to try CBD for themselves and see if it lives up to the hype.

Despite becoming a popular and widely used product, CBD supplements are still surprisingly expensive compared to other dietary supplements. Therefore, choosing free CBD oil samples is often tempting over parting with money and purchasing CBD products.

However, while free CBD samples might sound like a great way to try CBD for the first time, they are rarely worth the effort.

Here is why you should avoid free CBD samples and how to find CBD hemp oil for sale that is both affordable and trustworthy.


What is CBD Oil and How can Quality Vary?

Not all CBD oils are made in the same way or contain the same ingredients. These differences can drastically affect how CBD products interact with the body and the effects and benefits they provide.

Understanding how CBD oils are made and the shortcuts often taken when producing free samples helps avoid products that offer anything but quality.

At its core, CBD oil comprises two ingredients; hemp plant extract and some form of carrier oil. In many cases, extra ingredients are added to this base formula to enhance the taste, usability, and effectiveness.

The quality and effectiveness of CBD oils also depend on where hemp plants are sourced from, how CBD is extracted, and the other ingredients used.

These variables separate the best CBD oils from those often found in free samples. So, let’s look at each factor, how it differs in free samples, and its impact.

How Hemp Plants are Sourced


Why You Should Avoid Free CBD oil Samples


There are hundreds of hemp plant strains, and each one has its own combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. Certain hemp plant strains are better for making CBD oil used as dietary supplements.

High-quality brands, like PureKana, have established relationships with hemp farmers who cultivate the perfect hemp plant strains for CBD supplements. A combination of plant strain, growing methods, and climate all affect the quality of the final product.

Companies manufacturing free samples to attract customers to their brand are not necessarily choosing the best hemp plants. Free samples also tend to come with far less information about where plants are sourced, making it harder for consumers to judge quality.

The Extraction Methods Used and the End Results

The sourcing of hemp plants is only the first step. Next, the plants must undergo an extraction process. This is an important step to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes that make it into the final oil from all other plant matter.

Several different extraction methods yield different types of CBD and varying degrees of quality. At this stage, manufacturers determine whether they are crafting full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate formulas.

Reputable CBD brands should always provide customers with information about the extraction methods used. This is, however, often not the case with free samples.

The Oil Mixture and Additional Ingredients

The carrier oil used and added ingredients is a big difference between high-quality CBD oils and free samples.

Carrier oils are essential for both quality and overall health benefits. Popular options include coconut and olive oils, as these are deemed to be relatively healthy and are 100% natural.

In the case of free samples, manufacturers try to save money where possible, often skimping on the carrier oil. Free samples are more likely to contain unhealthy, cheaper oils or blends, deeming them not as effective.

Finding The Best CBD Oils

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It can be frustrating to part with money for a product you have never used before and would rather try it out for free. However, the money saved is often not worth the lower quality and potentially harmful ingredients.

It is better to choose a reputable online brand like PureKana and purchase one of their low dosage tinctures to see whether it is worth investing more money into CBD supplements.

Often, reputable CBD brands offer a money-back guarantee or have easy-to-access return policies. If a CBD product truly fails to live up to expectations, it is possible to get a full refund while not risking your health for free samples.


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