Why You Should Buy Your Coffee From a Speciality Coffee Shop

Although most of us start the day with a fresh cup of coffee, many people still purchase their coffee beans or grounds at the supermarket. While this may not seem like an issue to the majority of people, if you want to enjoy the highest quality, most premium and finest organic coffee, perhaps you should consider purchasing your coffee from a speciality store instead. Here’s why.

Most of the coffee beans and grounds offered in supermarkets and food stores tend to come from large international brands. At the surface level, there seems to be nothing wrong with this, but bigger brands tend to pay less attention to the quality of the coffee over its quantity.

This is a shame because when the large coffee productions don’t prioritise the quality of the coffee over the quantity that is produced and sold, it means that not only the soil lose its nutrients but also that the plant is not as strong and doesn’t produce the same quality of beans.


Why You Should Buy Your Coffee From a Speciality Coffee Shop


It’s harder to privilege small plantations and organically grown coffee that require more attention, special care and are more demanding in labour.

Many big coffee brands tend to use Robusta coffee beans, which are easier to grow, grow at lower altitudes and are more resistant to insects and disease. Robusta beans tend to produce more beans per acre than Arabica beans, making these beans more cost-effective for brands to grow, harvest, process and sell.

But depending on the bean blend and how the beans are roasted, this can also result in lower-quality coffee beans. Too high of a proportion of Robusta coffee beans leads to a less pleasant tasting coffee and less premium coffee experience.

On the other hand, independent coffee brands tend to offer higher-quality coffee beans because they work with speciality grade coffee companies and small-batch roasters. Focusing on quality over quantity, many offer single-origin blends, organic coffee beans and full Arabica bean blends, which leads to better-tasting coffee overall.


Why You Should Buy Your Coffee From a Speciality Coffee Shop


Sold specifically at speciality coffee shops, these independent coffee brands are likely able to trace their coffee beans back to the origin, right down to the farm where it was grown and not just the country it originates from.

The rich flavours from the coffee beans sold at speciality stores have been more thoughtfully and carefully curated, tried and validated by the coffee farmers, roasters, and baristas, resulting in better quality and taste. While there is a difference in price, the saying is true when it comes to coffee beans; you get what you pay for.

When purchasing your coffee beans or coffee grounds from a speciality store, like Green Coffee Monaco, you can rest assured that the next coffee you will make will taste as delicious as possible while being responsibly, lovingly, and respectfully sourced.

So why not make the switch today, and purchase your next bag of coffee beans or grounds from a speciality store? You’ll be surprised of how tasty your coffee will be, get ready to enjoy a new and very pleasant experience from your next coffee cup.

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